Soska Sisters to direct Vendetta

With their Kane-starring sequel SEE NO EVIL 2 waiting in the wings, AMERICAN MARY’s Jen and Sylvia Soska have signed to do their follow-up feature for the same producing team.

WWE Studios and Lionsgate announced today that the Soska Sisters will direct VENDETTA as part of an “Action Six-Pack” series of features designed to showcase up-and-coming filmmaking talents. Scripted by Justin Shady, VENDETTA follows a detective who seeks vengeance against the man who murdered his wife by getting himself jailed in the same prison where the killer is serving a life sentence.

WWE Superstar Big Show will star in the movie, which goes into production this summer. “This collection of six high-octane films will not only excite our fans, but provide a stage for emerging and talented filmmakers like the Soska Sisters,” says WWE Studios president Michael Luisi.

Source: Fangoria
Image from Blip.Tv

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