Memorable Body Horror Moments

In honour of everyone’s favourite alien film – Alien (if it’s not it should be) – being released 35 years ago today and of course the birth of the Alien during the chest burster scene, I thought a list of the most memorable body horror was in order – so stop what you’re eating and feast your eyes on these.

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Click on the videos if you dare…(Warning: Graphic – duh!)


David Lynch is no stranger to the body horror arena but in Videodrome it really comes to the fore. The James Wood gun insertion is icky enough as it is but its nothing compared to this scene, it’s all stringy, bloody and…yuck!

Nightmare on Elm St 2: Freddy’s Revenge Sure NMOES 2 isn’t the greatest film ever (our ranting review here) but it does have a pretty great body morph in it. It’s a werewolf transformation equivalent but instead of getting hairy – you get to be a child murderer…:-(

The Thing (1982)
John Carpenter’s The Thing is a great film (everyone knows that) but it’s the body horror scene which make it stand out. Of all the scenes nothing freaks me out more that the spider/crab head scene. Beautifully summed up in a few words “You gotta be f**king kidding me!”.
Of course we had to include this. It needs no real introduction. The Chest Burster. The reaction of the crew is spot on and that moment is the one that made Alien etch itself into the minds of audiences forever.

Videos: Youtube Users: Thefasterblade, WarnerBrosOnline, Stop replying to that green latern comment, Markus Ricker

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