Who’s the Final Girl: The Awakening

@fkmuse has a ‘thing’ for ghosts as The Awakening gets the Who’s the Final Girl treatment…

Right now, if you get to know me you’ll learn I’ve a “thing” for ghosts, or maybe they have a thing for me? It’s my humble opinion that the better horror flicks involve ghosts. I’ll wager the non-believer girl gets to be the final in fine piece of BBC film. Rebecca Hall plays Florence Cathcart a chain-smoking, pants-wearing, hard-nosed lady who believes in science. Yay science will save us all.

Something weird is going on at a boy’s school. Of course she has to go, she was an orphan right?
From the looks of the looks of things everything appears fine, until it doesn’t.
Are the boys up witchcraft? (someone call Dumbledore, stat!) or more likely the teachers are child abusers? Maybe.

Other questions abound here, like are the English always so mean to Scots or did the groundskeeper do something to piss off Dominic West? We may never know.
Also at this point you really have to ask yourself, who do you think is dead?
All of the school of Florence or maybe yourself? (At this point you might also check your pulse) and change your vote for Final Girl to the charming war hero teacher who apparently thinks sex with Florence is a-okay at this point.

The creepy dollhouse has all the answers Florence, don’t worry. (Why is that always the case? All my dollhouse ever did was hold my stereo, I feel like I’m missing out now.)

In the end, you’ll feel as confused as that ginger kid and that’s okay too.

Lacie Grayson

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