Other Halves and Nude Gender Inequity

Other Halves...Read on for this guest opinion piece written by the team that made the film Other Halves (our review here). This is a look at why their film has been censoredOpinionOther Halves is a film for adults; it's a horror movie about sex and death and was never meant to be anything else. Our... Continue Reading →

Get Out: Escaping Reality

@dinsmorality opines about Get Out...SPOILERS AHEADIf you have not seen Get Out, well…get out and go see it. As our own Suzanne Bell notes in her review, “Get Out relies on a lot of misdirection and it’s fantastic.” I couldn’t agree more. The film is smart and fun, and strikes more than a few chords... Continue Reading →

7 Most Anticipated Horror Films for 2017

2017...As always there are certain films that you look forward to at the start of each and every year. Of course there are the films that come out of nowhere and surprise you but the most anticipated films carry the heaviest burden. I've put together my 7 most anticipated horror films of 2017, so with... Continue Reading →

Who’s That Final Girl: It Follows

@fkmuse plays...Oh, there was a point to me watching Nerve last time? I'm not sure maybe I liked how the plot sounded. It Follows, however - seems to plot theories? (Honestly, that's what you get for making wide release art house horror.)We start with Annie, who is so clearly not fine, but tells two people she is... Continue Reading →

Halloween retrospective

@RenZelen looks back..."You can’t kill the boogeyman!"John Carpenter’s movie HALLOWEEN had its premiere in the U.S on October 31st 1978. Although touched upon in smaller cult movies such as Peeping Tom, the components and themes used by HALLOWEEN had not been used in a major feature film for some time, not since its obvious inspiration... Continue Reading →

Who’s That Final Girl: Nerve

@Fkmuse plays...Been awhile my darlings but I'm back! While this isn't a horror per se I'm sure I can win this round of "Who's That Final Girl?" mostly because I'm picking The Internet! The Internet always wins (right?)...even in completely crap shows, like a lot of 2016's offerings (yes, the entire year.)As you might have guessed I'm picking... Continue Reading →

Blair Witch – 2016’s surprise Sci-Fi movie?

@thewonderbry shares his thoughts...SPOILERS AHEADHollywood loves rebooting a franchise.  Why make something original when the title alone can do most of your marketing for free? It’s why, when Blair Witch premiered as The Woods at Comic Con earlier this year, the audience had a profoundly different theater-going experience. I can imagine how jaw-droppingly amazing that... Continue Reading →

Don’t Breathe – A jolt at the box office

@dinsmorality opines...Two words: Turkey baster.If that alone does not get you to the theater to see the incredibly entertaining Don’t Breathe, which has been out in the U.S. (and nearly everywhere else) – and making good money – for a few weeks now, then let me offer a few more teasers.For one, the setting of a... Continue Reading →

Opinion: Stranger Things

@lcfremont gives us her thoughts...Stranger Things premiered under an aura of heightened expectations and, overall, it has been very well received. The days after it’s premiere on Netflix, my Twitter feed was a giant love letter to the show. Growing up in the 80’s, I was definitely looking forward to this show and everyone’s effusive,... Continue Reading →

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