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@lcfremont recaps TWD and laments a Beth centric episode & Twitter jerks…

Well, we all knew it was coming. Much like getting on the scale at the doctor’s office, the Beth-centric episode was inevitable, not my idea of a good time and only marginally informative.

So, the cross on the back window of the car was actually a crude symbol for hospital and this is one of the worst hospitals in the world. I would rather take my chances at that place in Tijuana where they use giant blocks of ice as a numbing agent. (True story.) If they are able to bring “patients” in, why is there no way out? I hate to be so simple, but I just don’t get it. Can’t Beth just sneak out the same door they brought her in through? No?
the walking dead episode 4
Alright, then I guess she should just make nice with Dawn, become BFF with the doctor, eat lollipops with Noah and pretend that grody security guard is George Clooney. Yes, Dawn was highly irritating and bossy, but if she were a man, no one would have been so offended by the behavior. Or maybe dude on Twitter who pointed out that Dawn is the reason a woman can’t be president was right. Only men are allowed to take charge, make potentially poor decisions and be all around assholes.

This episode will certainly not end up in the top five of the season, but it was a necessary evil. Beth had to be dealt with and not everyone finds her singing incredibly annoying. Did this really warrant an entire episode, though? Surely, we could have cut back and forth between this boring hospital and whatever was going on back at the church or, perhaps, on Abraham’s bus?
Seriously, what the what with Beth being so inept until 40 minutes into the episode? Oh, NOW she can sick zombies on people and execute head shots in the dark? Whatever. Clearly, you only remember everything Daryl taught you when you feel like expending the energy. Beth, you should have made it out of that hospital, but I guess that just couldn’t happen because then you wouldn’t have seen Carol brought in. 

Now, this was seriously annoying. Sometimes the sheer “coincidence” of things that happen on TWD are a lot to swallow. Also, if Carol is in the hospital, who the hell came back with Daryl? Was it Beth? Does Carol drink Dawn’s kool-aid and stay at the hospital? Do they both come back with Daryl? How many episodes will we have to endure to get all of the answers to this? One more thing; the guy that Abraham was beating with a soup can in next week’s clip was the doctor that was brought into the hospital, wasn’t it?
Well, like they say, every could has a silver lining; I will not be agonizing over this episode all week and see no reason to watch it multiple times.

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