Recap: AHS Roanoke Chapter 9, S6, E9

@lcfemont recaps...As My Roanoke Nightmare: Three Days in Hell comes to a close, it appears that this may be the most divisive season yet. What started out as a documentary type show morphed into a found footage show and it appears that most viewers embraced one or the other, but not always both. This episode... Continue Reading →

Recap: The Walking Dead S6 E06

@lcfremont recaps...Now, I know a lot of you were disappointed to be presented with yet another episode wherein “nothing” happens, but according to Mr. Reedus, from here on out, the rest of the season is complete insanity. So, let’s just talk about the events of this week because, actually, a lot of stuff and thangs... Continue Reading →

Recap: The Walking Dead S6 E05 – Now

@lcfremont recaps...Here it is: the episode we’ve been waiting for with bated breath. The episode where we learn the true fate of Glenn. Nah, just kidding. If you’ve been with the show this long, then you know that we probably won’t learn about Glenn for at least another episode. Maybe even more. With the exception... Continue Reading →

Recap: The Walking Dead Season 6 Ep03

@lcfremont recaps...Alright Walking Dead Family, we are back to our main group as they deal with the fallout from the horn going off and distracting the walkers. Our episode opens with Glenn running through the woods and it will go places that none of us are emotionally prepared to go.Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Nicholas, Heath and... Continue Reading →

Recap: The Walking Dead S6 E02

@lcfremont recaps...Second episode of the season and already we get another director known for amping up the action and gore. Welcome back Jennifer Lynch: you are always welcome here. Well, as long as you don’t kill a beloved character. If you’ll remember Walking Dead Family, Ms. Lynch directed Spend, the episode where we lost Noah,... Continue Reading →

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