TV Recap: The Walking Dead – Consumed.

@lcfremont takes a look back at this weeks ep and includes hand binoculars, being locked in a room with Daryl Dixon & non-romantic soulmates…

This Daryl/Carol episode was so overstuffed with a myriad of possibilities, heartbreaks, insights, thoughts, feels and stuff and thangs, that I may need to address this in a bullet point style.

– First things first. I will not waiver on my opinion that Daryl and Carol are NOT romantically interested in one another until I actually see them do something sexual. Their seamless way of working with one another, sometimes without words, is the stuff of siblings or BFF’s. I, personally, don’t believe that a soulmate is limited only to romantic partnerships. Sometimes your soulmate is just the other person who completes you without being attractive to you. Daryl and Carol are soulmates. Daryl doesn’t prod Carol to explain more about why she was at that women’s shelter. He knows, implicitly, that she will tell him when she is ready to tell him. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; these two are survivors of abuse who have found a comfort, kinship and solace in one another. That doesn’t mean they need to do it, people.

– That being said, I adored seeing this very special relationship flourish and become even deeper. Come on, we all wonder who we would survive the zombie apocalypse with. I know that I would last longest with the one person who can read my mind at all times; my best friend. She is also the only person whom I would make eye contact with and then hold her hand as we drove off of an overpass a la’ Thelma and Louise. More than that, your best friend always brings out the very best in you. Case in point: Daryl saving Noah from being “shot in the leg” by Carol and then Carol convincing Daryl that they should save him despite the fact that he stole their weapons. On top of that, there was no lingering judging or accusing towards the other’s behavior. It just is what it is and you always accept your best friend for better or worse. Romantic partnerships rarely act on such a pure level of understanding and forgiveness. Sure, you can say that I am wrong by pointing to Glen and Maggie, who are not without their own complications, but what about Rick and Lori, Shane and Lori, Andrea and The Governor, Bob and Sasha, Abraham and Rosita. All of these people have made poor choices when their beloved was involved in a complication.

– Seeing the flashbacks of Carol was a great reminder that Carol has come so far as a survivor and she is absolutely a changed woman. Although, initially, she was lonely after being excommunicated, she seemed to be tracking the survivors of the prison out of a deep rooted desire to save people. After she rushed Terminus like Judge Dredd, she became distant again and was about to bail on everyone. Had it not been Daryl that caught her on her way out, I believe she would be on her own right now. The guilt that she is carrying over the things she had done in order to survive are enough company for her. Daryl is the only other person who can possibly understand this very specific survivor’s guilt, therefore, the only person whom she can tolerate being around for extended periods of time. Carol is infinitely more complex than most people are willing to give her credit for.

– The transition from the walkers being the danger to other people being the danger has been really well done so far. At this point, the sight and sound of a walker is as irritating as rush hour traffic. Other human beings, on the other hand, are the real danger. The world is in fight or flight mode and that does not lend itself to friendly behavior. The fact that the men at the hospital wear police uniforms in an attempt to momentarily persuade you into thinking that they are good guys is impressively disgusting.

– Are y’all really trying to tell me that if you were locked in a room overnight with Daryl Dixon, you wouldn’t at least try to hold his hand? Come on, now. Carol can set people on fire, rescue all of her friends, take out two little girls and kill walkers like she’s picking daisies, but she won’t make a move on Daryl? O.K. Daryl can single handedly save, well, just about everybody on the show at one time or another, make a necklace out of walker ears, light a cigarette like a total badass as he walks away from a kid under a bookshelf, but he’s not going to make a move on Carol? Bitch, please.

– How did the people in that hallway turn? Every single one of them was in their respective sleeping bag or tent, locked behind doors. How did they turn and why are they not clever enough to get out of a sleeping bag?

– Daryl properly disposing of the mother and child that they found at the women’s shelter was such a beautiful display of love and friendship towards Carol. What a profoundly lovely moment in such a bleak episode.

– I”m assuming that anyone who did not see Carol and Daryl being taken by surprise by Noah does not watch a lot of horror films. The way they filmed her crawling back through that door was never going to end any other way. Especially after it was made abundantly clear that they were being followed.

– Did anyone else see the nods to Fight Club, 28 Days Later and the X-Files? Those were AMAZING! Also, I don’t know about you, but that lawyer’s office was looking very Se7en.

– I wish that I could use my hand as binoculars; just make a ring with my thumb and index finger and see a van miles away. Is there anything Daryl can’t do?

– Nope. Not going to stop complaining that the Mother Mary statue in the van could have made a very handy shiv. We have already learned that the walkers are becoming more decayed, thus, easier to dispatch with blows to the head via most random objects. Maybe they needed her to survive the van jump. Oh wait. She wasn’t on the dash when the van actually went over. It’s true. Go watch it again; I’ll wait.

– I’m still suspicious that Carol purposely jumped in front of that car. There is just enough of a break between seeing Daryl running after her and then seeing her make contact with the car to question it. Carol seems to be hellbent on atoning for her sins, doing right by everyone who has done right by her and not really caring about the possible consequences.

Well, those are my thoughts and feels about Consumed and I know that a lot of them aren’t necessarily popular, but that’s part of what makes this show and it’s fan base so stinking awesome. I don’t remember the last time I had this much fun chatting with people all over the world about a television show. TV Babies, what do you think is going to happen before the midseason finale?

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