A swing of the Axe

Scene from the shining.

Cleave, Chop, Hack – Axe…

The axe is never a weapon that horror films shy away from. Many times we’ve seen an axe used to break down a door, decapitate or maim. I have collected four the best uses of an axe I could find (or remember) and their accompanying film clip. Let me know if I missed your favourite!

Without further adieu – here they are…do I really need to say these are NSFW and graphic…

30 Days of Night
Might as well start of with something brutal. Josh Hartnett sorts out a dude who is becoming a vampire. What I like about this is that, not only does the guy lose his hand first off in a non axe related way but the axe doesn’t take his head off in one blow, it takes two, making the audience feel it.

The Shining
Poor old Jack Torrance, writers block can be bitch. So to can an axe to the chest as Halloraan finds out first hand. Pity his ‘shine’ didn’t see this one coming.

The most epic (and somewhat beautifully patterned) blood spray, topped off with another axe blow to the back. Enjoy the colours children, the colours.

American Psycho
Patrick Bateman, whether his killings or in his mind or not, you have to appreciate the lengths he goes to for kill. Brand new axe, raincoat, newspaper on the floor and a music history lesson.

Image: theguardian.com
clips: Youtube.

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