AHS: Freakshow – Tupperwear Party Massacre

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In this weeks recap @lcfremont loves a good old fashioned blood bath and wants to know whats in Stanley’s pants…

Well, this episode title certainly did not disappoint. If you’re ever invited to a Tupperware party that happens to have a literal freak in the bedroom, I suggest that you politely decline. Especially if your name is Nancy and you live on Elm Street. Heather Langenkamp, I saw you sitting prim and proper at that party and it was fantastic! Too bad Dandy came in and killed everyone. It was an actual blood bath and it was fabulous.

Dandy began as just another rich kid with homicidal tendencies, but he has transformed into a seriously dangerous maniac and I love it. Never have I looked so forward to a creepy and macabre puppet show. Dandy can’t be stopped now. No, he is still bathing in blood and has a wonderfully over-privileged-white-boy version of the King Kong speech from Training Day. You know what? Denzel Washington ain’t got nothing on Dandy Mott!

Dandy Mott drives around in his, well, dandy suits and fancy car, kills entire housefuls of women, makes a puppet version of his one true love out of his dead mother and the Avon lady and then bathes in blood. Preferably with his long time friend Regina, but she’s not too sure about that. Dandy’s room of inequities is always such perfection; all the way down to the perfectly color coordinated ribbon on that perfectly gorgeous key that he uses to lock people in. Dandy is officially the most interesting character on the show. He’s a loose canon who believes that he is impervious to the law and he has only just begun.

If only all of the other characters were also enjoying a wonderfully crazy ride. Jimmy Darling is a sad-sack hallucinating alcoholic who has developed a new fetish with the arrival of Ima. Allegedly, he is in love with Esmerelda, but goodness knows why. This girl is as interesting as a wet towel and I’m assuming that’s why it feels as though Ms. Roberts is really phoning this one in. She seems to be as bored with Esmerelda as I am. Or at least, I’m assuming Esmerelda is the one that Jimmy is speaking of when he turns down the twins’ offer of a lifetime of love.

AHS Freakshow castWhat a heartbreaking story Bette and Dot share. Dot always thought that she was the smart sister, but she definitely didn’t get the emotional I.Q. Bette was blessed with that and her heartfelt speech to Dot explaining why she always thought that the two of them were so lucky to be born the way that they were was saccharine, but lovely. Bette is utterly selfless and is happy to go along with Dot offering the two of them to Jimmy as kindred spirits who will love him unconditionally; her look of sympathy for her sister’s heartbreak after Jimmy declines their offer is beautiful. Sarah Paulson outdid herself this episode.

The same cannot be said for Mr. Chiklis. You know what Stanley? You are correct. Del has been going around half cocked and it is B.O.R.I.N.G. I just know I’m not the only one who was disappointed Del’s suicide attempt didn’t pan out. At least we got to see Ma Petit and Ethel again.

Seeing as how so much racy dialogue and nudity ends up on television these days, I am sincerely hoping for a Dirk Diggler moment from Stanley. I don’t know exactly what he’s got in those pants, but I’m not above saying that I want a glimpse. Stanley is a supreme slime ball who is, literally, swinging his big dick all over town and it’s going to catch up to him sooner or later. Or maybe not. I mean, this is the same reality where Paul takes a dagger to the gut, never goes to the hospital and is now miraculously healed. Am I the only one irritated by that?

It looks as though Desiree is on to Esmerelda and Stanley;hopefully this is where Theo Huxtable comes in. Malcolm-Jamal Warner, it is always lovely to see you and I do hope there will be much more of you to come. Jimmy’s trip to jail will allow him to finally sober up and then all of the freaks can ban together to take down Dandy and the dirty cops. Or will it be the other way around?

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