Recap: AHS Freakshow – Finale

@lcfremont gives her views on the AHS Freakshow finale...SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!! Seriously, do not read past this point if you haven't seen the AHS Freakshow finale. Last chance. No tea, no shade, this finale was giving me life right up to the moment they put Dandy in the Houdini box. This season has been a rough... Continue Reading →

TV Recap: AHS Freakshow – Show Stoppers

@lcfremont is excited for the finale, despite the Fonz water skiing in the background...To refer to this season of AHS as uneven is a bit generous, but seeing as how it hasn't completely jumped the shark, I shall refrain from using uglier, meaner words.  We begin the episode with Stanley, Richard Spencer if you're nasty,... Continue Reading →

TV Recap – AHS: Freakshow – Magical Thinking

@lcfremont gives the return of AHS Freakshow a brief wave but gives homicidal Dandy a big hug...After a wee break, AHS:Freakshow is back with an episode titled "Magical Thinking" AND it has a new character brought to us by Neil Patrick Harris?! Sounds pretty awesome. Well, settle down kiddies because this Freakshow was not necessarily... Continue Reading →

Tv Recap: AHS Freakshow – Orphans

@lcfremont recaps AHS Freakshow - Orphans - Discussion points include Stanley still being an a-hole & Pepper's sad story...Orphans started out on such a sad note, but Pepper was owning the screen. Played by Naomi Grossman, Pepper has mainly been applauded for pulling off that hair and makeup, but tonight she was finally allowed to... Continue Reading →

AHS: Freakshow – Tupperwear Party Massacre

In this weeks recap @lcfremont loves a good old fashioned blood bath and wants to know whats in Stanley's pants...Well, this episode title certainly did not disappoint. If you're ever invited to a Tupperware party that happens to have a literal freak in the bedroom, I suggest that you politely decline. Especially if your name... Continue Reading →

TV Recap: AHS Freakshow – Bullseye

@Lcfremont discusses unattinable dreams, private victory dances and overdue comeuppance...As Elsa opens up the episode getting the giant bullseye out of retirement and speaks of destiny and fate we are, once again, reminded that this show is not built on subtlety. "Bullseye" is an episode fraught with unattainable dreams and the very basic desire to... Continue Reading →

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