TV Recap: AHS Freakshow – Show Stoppers

@lcfremont is excited for the finale, despite the Fonz water skiing in the background…

To refer to this season of AHS as uneven is a bit generous, but seeing as how it hasn’t completely jumped the shark, I shall refrain from using uglier, meaner words. 

We begin the episode with Stanley, Richard Spencer if you’re nasty, attending a party with all of the freaks. As Elsa shares a toast with everyone and then declares that they should all watch a movie; no, not The Sign of the Cross again, but Freaks. We were so close to the end of the season and we still couldn’t escape the ultra obvious nod to the Tod Browning classic. Yes, my dear TV Babies, all of the freaks went caveman on my precious Stanley, but not before he could throw Ms. Mars under the bus and tell them that she was the one who killed Ethel.

Jimmy Darling seems to serve little purpose at this point other than to give us a reason to bridge the gap between Asylum and Freakshow via Danny Houston. In Coven, Houston was the Axeman with whom Fiona had a fantastically romantic, if dysfunctional, relationship and the sight of these two reuniting was a bright moment in an otherwise fatal episode. Despite the fact that we are looking at Elsa and Massimo in the 1950’s and not Axeman and Fiona during present day, their chemistry is undeniable and it was so wonderful to see them back together.

Image from AHS FreakshowA carpenter by trade, Massimo created Elsa’s wooden legs and the two fell in love. Rather than fleeing to America with Elsa, Massimo chose to stay behind in Germany and kill all of the men responsible for Elsa’s double amputation. Massimo saved the leader of the group, Dr. Hans Grouper, for last only to be kept and tortured by him. Had it not been for a higher ranking officer and his desire for bookshelves, Massimo would surely have suffered the same fate as the monsters at the Asylum. For those of you playing along at home, Hans Grouper goes by the name of Dr. Arthur Arden at the Asylum. The same Asylum where Sister Mary Eunice took the beloved Pepper earlier in the season. Being able to piece some of the storylines together makes me deliriously happy and a little less disappointed by what I have found to be a lackluster entry in the anthology.

Like Daryl risking his life to save Beth and Carol, Dandy will stop at nothing to get Bette and Dot back; he wants his girls and he wants them now. In a last ditch effort, he shows the girls the truth about Chester and his homicidal ways. This information is enough to spook the girls off from being Chester’s assistant, but that’s o.k. because Maggie is still hanging around and she can’t wait to step in as Chester’s assistant. In what is officially my favorite scene of this entire season, Chester saws Maggie in half and it is glorious. As he separates the two sides of the box to reveal all of her insides falling onto the stage, he spreads his arms and declares, “ta-da.” Neil Patrick Harris, I love you.

Bette and Dot are truly sweet souls and they just can’t help but warn Elsa that her monsters are coming for her. What does she do? She calls Dandy for help and runs away in the middle of the night with ten thousand dollars and a Hollywood dream that eventually pays off. Well, according to the cover of LIFE magazine that Pepper sees her on at the Asylum anyway.

Only one episode left in the season means only one more chance to kill all those that are deserving, leave hints for future seasons and make more connections among the four we already have. The ending of this penultimate episode leaves me rather excited. The sight of Jimmy putting on his new claws and declaring them perfect was a really lovely moment and a nice, not 100% over the top way of reminding us that we’re all perfect just the way we are. Except Stanley. The freaks didn’t just kill Stanley, they amputated all four of his limbs, removed his tongue and horror of all horrors, dressed him up like Meep.

So, is it safe to assume that Stanley now owns a penis that literally hits the floor while he’s standing up?

Consider this TV Baby excited for the season finale. What about you? What are your predictions for the finale?

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Lisa Fremont

Twitter: @lcfremont

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