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@lcfremont recaps TWD, discussion points – eating the applesauce, zombie jack-o-latern & there is no singing in the zombie apocalypse…

Just when our group is taking a moment to rest after surviving the storm, Mr. “I Take A Shower Everyday” Aaron pops up and puts everyone right back on the defense. Maggie’s obvious trepidation, both for and towards Aaron, as she introduces him to everyone is palpable. Daryl is, apparently, still in animal mode as he immediately steps to the front, checks outside and then pats Aaron down. The shot of the group from Aaron’s perspective only hi-lights how worn down and cynical everyone is becoming. Also, it doesn’t help that Judith immediately begins to cry. Kids are just like dogs and I say this with more love for animals than I do for humans. If one of my dogs immediately barks at a stranger, I assume that person is a serial killer. If Judith, the quietest baby of the zombie apocalypse, cries at the sight of Aaron, perhaps we should all tread lightly. Or maybe she just felt Rick’s energy right before he transferred it to Aaron’s face via a mean right cross.
Scene from the walking deadRick is really looking and behaving like a vengeful Jesus, but who can blame him? Who the hell is this guy walking in here with his clean clothes, obvious camera and photo printing abilities, poor comic timing and demanding them to audition for his community? Bitch, please. The Ricktatorship doesn’t audition for anyone-you audition for them. Aaron talks far too much for someone who was sent out to be the mouthpiece for a perfectly lovely and wonderful community. It’s highly suspicious and makes him seem even more untrustworthy. The fact that he’s clearly been following them for an unspecified amount of time is ultra creepy. Also, did anyone else have a flashback to Erin in You’re Next when this Aaron very quickly and calmly explained that if he wanted to ambush them, he would have just set the barn on fire while they were sleeping and then picked them off one by one as they evacuated? Maybe he is also from a survivalist compound and that’s why he’s suspiciously on top of life.

We all know Michonne is completely done with wandering and just surviving, so she’s all over the possibility that there is a safe community out there that does’t involve cannibals or men who have secret walker children in their closets. By using her secret Richonne ESP skills, she convinces him to let a group go check out Aaron’s claims. Seriously, Aaron talks too much and I was more than excited when Rick explained to him, “Just because we’re good people doesn’t mean we won’t kill you. If the five of them aren’t back in an hour, I’ll put a knife in the base of your skull.” Oy, despite this statement that we all know to be a true one, Aaron still insists on blabbing instead of just eating the applesauce to prove that it isn’t poisoned. First off, we all had mom’s who made us eat food that we didn’t like. No, mine didn’t do it in a misguided attempt to make me more manly, but I tell you what; if I want Rick to trust me, I’m damn well going to eat the green beans I’ve presented him with. Please, SHUT UP AND EAT THE APPLESAUCE! Secondly, what a seriously stupid way to hint to the fact that Aaron is gay.

Rick is really feeling the pressure to be the guy who has led everyone this far. When he says that the stock of canned food is theirs now, he may as well have just yelled, “Claimed!” He was a real hard ass in this episode, but he has every right to be. Thus far, more people than not have proven themselves to be unworthy of acceptance into this band of survivors. Rick is also the only one who has two children that he must also worry about. Michonne understands all of this and that is why she’s the one he is willing to listen to, but not until after he pull the ultimate male move and decides that his route is better than the one Aaron knows to be safe. Even in the zombie apocalypse, men don’t need other people to tell them which direction to drive.

That’s cool, though, because we are then rewarded with a supremely awesome wide shot of their car driving through a horde of walkers. Inside, everyone is bathed in a warm, red glow as more and more walker blood and gore covers the car and the level of tension ramps up to an 11. Realizing there are no people in the pictures of this supposed idyllic community, finding a listening device in the car and having not yet asked Aaron the three questions, everyone, well, loses their shit. No one as much as Aaron though. Shades of Father Gabriel with this guy. How has he survived this long? Serious question. Well, he almost didn’t. In a wonderful illustration of just how far Glen has fallen from grace, he almost left him out there in the woods. You could practically hear Hershel calling out to Glen to do the right thing.

Seeing Aaron reunited with Eric definitely humanized him in a different and better way, but he’s still untrustworthy. Eric is just the sweetest thing this side of the Mississippi and it’s really lovely to see someone in a positive mood. Beth lovers, I now understand why you like her, but if Eric starts singing, I’ll kill him myself. There’s no singing in the zombie apocalypse.

Michonne’s pep talk with Rick was equal parts necessary and irritating. Rick has never truly lost his humanity in his efforts to keep everyone safe and I don’t know that we need to be telling him to let his guard down just yet. Especially when we have no idea what lies beyond those gates. Did Rick really hear the sound of children or did he want to hear it just like he wanted to hear Lori’s voice on the other end of the telephone? The nonverbal exchange between him and Michonne did not indicate that she heard the children as well. She was simply pleased to see his look of optimism and hope. Carol says it best when she tells Rick, “Even though you were wrong? You’re still right.”

What will we find beyond that massive wall? Will it be a sanctuary or a new version of hell? Either way, how will our group react? Do they have it in them to take down another community of bad guys? Have they been on the road too long and now they’re just like the prison inmate who has been released after 25 years? How much more can we expect them to adapt to? I suppose we shall find out next week.

Random thoughts:

Rick trying to keep Aaron and Eric separated for the night was very reminiscent of Dawn and her power play to have Noah returned to her. Let’s hope Rick isn’t going down that same path.

Flare walker rules! He was walking Jack-O-Lantern!

The sight of the Washington monument was uplifting in the best way and it was nice to see Abraham smile.

The nod to Dale was bittersweet. It’s kind of defeating to realize just how many good people we have lost so far.

Pretty convenient that Rick finds a pile of stuff and thangs that he can hide a gun in while he’s taking a moment.

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