Now on Netflix – Recap: Hannibal S3 E06 – Dolce

Jack and Graham talk about how Pazzi died at the hands of Hannibal because he operated outside of the law, but that’s not going to stop them and, apparently, Bedilia is just going to walk away. Seeing as how she hasn’t marinated long enough and everyone is coming after Hannibal, she does argue a strong case and only on Hannibal could a conversation about someone literally consuming another person be so god damn sexy. As Bedilia takes her “medicine”, we are all about to embark on a hallucinogenic journey. Buckle up kids because things are about to get really weird.

Now, this is a strange collaboration of people, indeed. Mason has certainly found himself the correct henchman to help him prepare for his feasting on Hannibal, but Mr. Verger is going to have to build that palette of his if he wants to properly enjoy him. Cordell really is a delightfully wicked man and it’s nice to see this particular character from the book fully fleshed out. Alana being utilized as a stand in for She Who Must Not Be Named is a shining example of Fuller’s ability to create strong characters, but I do have to question this particular incarnation of Margot.

In the novel, Margot Verger is a bodybuilder with a partner named Judy and she is not a meek victim like the Margot we have been given on the show. Katherine Isabelle plays Margot as a gorgeous, soft spoken, delicate creature who is simply trying to survive what her brother does to her. I have heard murmurings that some in the LGBTQ community are disappointed in this more easily digestible version of a lesbian and I’m with them. Isabelle is the visual antithesis to the Margot in the book and this becomes even more grating when we are gifted with the sex scene between her and Alana.

Two lithe, gorgeous women having sex is the only kind of gay sex that most people want to see, so I guess we better pander to that. Film their lovemaking in a beautiful kaleidoscope of flesh and ecstasy and you almost don’t realize that Katherine is wearing curly hair for the first time ever while a clarinet heavy Badalamenti kind of music plays over all of this. For me, this nod to Lynch and, specifically, Twin Peaks and Audrey Horne was just too much. It’s hard to gush over what they accomplished with this scene when I feel like I already saw it 20+ years ago. Anyway….it does look as though these two lovely ladies are, possibly, going to exact revenge on Mason in the same manner as Margot and Judy did in the book and I cannot wait to see how Fuller manages to film that.

“You and I have begun to blur.”

And the moment we have been waiting for since the beginning of the season finally occurs. Hannibal and Will finally meet up. This moment was so unbelievable that it felt like a dream. To see our two warriors beaten, but not broken, and truly happy to see one another was simply sublime.

“Every crime of yours feels like one I’m guilty of.”

As Will and Hannibal talk of being conjoined, it has never been more apparent that these two souls have been searching for one another for many lifetimes. It is this messed up version of a love story that keeps their interactions believable and kind of heartbreaking rather than merely antagonistic. To complicate matters even more, Chiyo has intervened in this strange bromance and simply brought the two men closer together.

As Jack Crawford arrives at the worst dinner party in the history of Florence, my jaw literally dropped when I realized who Hannibal was going to use that cranial saw on. The look on Fishburne’s face was an absolutely perfect mirror of all of the fear and confusion that we were feeling as Dancy almost became the stand in for Ray Liotta’s infamous scene from the Hannibal film. As is always the case, they have managed to work some of the most ludicrous narratives into mostly believable circumstances.

Welcome to Muskrat Farms Hannibal and Will. Mr. Verger has many decidedly horrendous things planned for both of you and I just know it is going to be visual poetry seeing how they find themselves off of the farm. Or will they?


Taking a bath while covered in blood seems counterproductive. Unless you’re Countess Bathroy.

Very nice reference to The Silence of the Lambs with Hannibal proclaiming that he wants to be able to draw the streets of Florence from memory.

Anyone else have flashbacks to The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover?

Gillian Anderson was on fleek, as the kids say, playing the ditzy wife who is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

I need Margot’s dress and I need it now.

2020 Rewatch notes:

This time around, the potential of Hannibal actually feeding Will’s brain to him wasn’t suspenseful and that takes away from the overall feeling of the scene, but it’s still banana pants crazy and amazing.

Bedelia is really starting to grate on me with a third viewing. She really doesn’t take any responsibility for anything and it’s starting to make me want to cut her leg off and feed it to her.

Lisa Fremont

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