My 4 favourite hillbilly horror films

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Top 4 list…

Ah the hillbilly, the redneck, the backwoods mutants, the bigoted townsfolk – they all have a special place in the horror world. On this 43rd anniversary of Deliverance what better time is there to bust out this list. There will be literally hundreds of films that didn’t make the cut but when you’re making a top 4 list, this is gonna happen. Add your favourite in the comments or tweets with your favourite backwoods horror flicks.

the hills have eyes poster

4. The Hills Have Eyes

Wes Craven’s film based on the Scottish cannibal clan, is transported seamlessly to the American desert. When the Carter’s breakdown, the mutants in the hills are brutal and very hungry. A horrific caravan invasion sets the scene for a fight to the death between what is remaining of the Carter’s and Papa Jupiter’s mutant family.

calvaire poster

3. Calvaire (The Ordeal)

Man is this one twisted tale from Fabrice Du Welz. Traveling entertainer Marc Stevens (Laurent Lucas) ends up stuck in a remote woods area in the Hautes Fagnes region of Liège. happening upon a man – Mr Bartel who offers him both a place to stay and to fix his car. Marc ends up renting a room from him and the next he finds out things are not well in the village…A weird, messed up a tale of lost spouses and some really crazy backwoods townsfolk. Includes a brutal homage to Straw Dogs and Texas Chain Saw Massacre…

straw dogs poster

2. Straw Dogs
The original and the best by a huge margin, Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs tells the story of astrophysicist David Sumner (Dustin Hoffman) and his wife Amy moving to England to avoid American violence. Only problem is the townsfolk don’t like this passive, super intelligent guy and little by little his patience is chipped away until a siege at his home by the bigoted and awful townfolk force David to become a killer thus becoming a monster that the townsfolk have created.

texas chain saw massacre

1. Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The ultimate hillbilly killer flick, a heat induced nightmare. Not only is there is ultimate bogeyman in Leatherface but his just as crazy brother and father. So much has been written about this film that it’s hard to express its power to frighten anymore than it already has been. So I’ll leave you with these three words: The Dinner Scene.

Images: IMDb & screeninsults

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