Recap/Review: Ash Vs Evil Dead S1 EP02

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Well we start off episode 2 where we left episode 1 – our new group bloodied but Ash is back and in form! There were some concerns that if Raimi wasn’t directing it, it would be enough like The Evil Dead we know and love but those fears are allayed early on, with Michael J. Bassett taking the reins and running with the style (albeit in a more reserved manner – for the most part) of the show that was established in Ep 1.

However, on to the action – Our group of deadite killers are at an impasse, Kelly wants to go home to see if her Dad is alright, whilst Ash is hooking up the trailer and heading out to see a man about a book (that just happens to be the Necronomicon), Kelly takes off to her house and Pablo has some bad news – she took the book with her. So Ash and Pablo go after her…oops someone forgot to check the backseat as the Value Stop manager comes to get some of Ash. In a riotously bloody scene – think the killer taxi scene from I Saw The Devil but with none of the finesse and a broken beer bottle.

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We switch back to Amanda who turns up at Ash’s trailer park home, well at least where he used to have it and it now appears that Ash is hunted by deadites and wanted for questioning by the police. It is unfortunate the Amanda only gets some brief exposure, basically to setup the chase for Ash and investigating the what and why’s – remember how Ash wanted to see a man about the Book of the Dead? Well guess who turns up before him – I am sure there are some Amanda heavy eps coming in the near future and I look forward to them.

Back to Pablo and Ash who discuss what to do when they go to rescue Kelly…only thing is when the bust in Kelly is fine. Dad is fine and Mother is…fine? Well Ash doesn’t think so. This is where Ep2 shines, playing against the rock n roll style of Ep 1, here we see a cat and mouse game between Ash and Kelly’s mother, a is she or isn’t she dinner scene that is bloody hilarious and an Evil Dead 2 callback but when the dust settles Kelly now officially belongs to the ‘Whale and the bait fish’ gang.

The episode we had to have really. The episodes sets up whats to come, characters motivations and future issues, sure it wasn’t as great as episode 1 but it certainly wasn’t far behind. BTW – Where were you Lucy Lawless!!!

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