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The first time I watched this film it had no sound, it was due to something weird with my laptop but, I must say DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM WITH OUT SOUND. IT IS TRIPPY. The issues were rectified and the second time I watched it, it was good…That being said, don’t do it your first time.

This film is a new twist on my favourite type of film, the good old slasher in the woods. Texas Chain Saw Massacre was the first horror film that I identified as – this is scary. Maybe, I’m a sentimentalist?

Expressway To Your Skull is beautiful in its opening shots. I must say, but as soon as the creepy old man is on-screen, well you know this isn’t a vacation spot you’d want to visit. Seemingly we do not get to see what becomes of the hitch hiking girl. As our story falls to a young couple who seem unsure about something. (I can’t wait to see if they turn on each other.)

Yeah, a romantic getaway with ‘shrooms…. AND white kids in head dresses… What could possibly go wrong? Oh, wait cigarette throwing hillbillies! It’s turf war, oh.. wait.. that’ll come up later on, in the next weird redneck cooking scene, to break up the driving scenes…

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THERE’S HITCHHIKING GIRL! I get it, dual narrative. Cool, this is a cool twist.

Hipsters looking from ‘shrooms, girl getting tortured. I can dig it. The cinematography is amazing in both. Here’s where the hipster duo meets the psycho killer, yay! (Come on, I can’t be the only one excited by what’s going to happen)

I don’t want to give too much away, in saying that this movie has everything from strange occultism and weird dream sequence about voodoo zombies and drugging hipsters. A horny redneck who’s epic bloodlust is epic. This movie is certainly something new in the slasher category.

Expressway To Your Skull will help viewers rethink what is terror, in the same way House of A 1000 Corpses did. Both films give you such an intimate look at the predator/prey relationship to one another. 

Anyone who sees Expressway To Your Skull will be at least a little bit changed and I dare them not to double check the door behind them.

Lacie Grayson

Twitter: @fkmuse

Images courtesy of Micheal Okum

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