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Now, I know a lot of you were disappointed to be presented with yet another episode wherein “nothing” happens, but according to Mr. Reedus, from here on out, the rest of the season is complete insanity. So, let’s just talk about the events of this week because, actually, a lot of stuff and thangs happened.

Heading back over to see what Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are up to while Alexandria is in complete chaos, we find out that they’ve just been separated by a car chase ambush. What the what? Who the hell is driving these cars, where did they come from, what are they trying to accomplish and where is everyone getting all of this gasoline and ammo?

Speaking of ammo, Abraham finds RPGs and it seems to be exactly what he needed to step back into life. Wait. Let’s back up. Sasha and Abraham decide to find a place to hunker down because, “The best way to find a tracker is to let them find you.” After leaving clues for Daryl to find them, the two take up residence in an auto insurance office. One of the former employees is still trapped inside and now he’s a walker, but he did leave an uplifting message on the white board. Advising people to keep going and stay cheerful, Abraham will, ultimately, embrace this advice, but not before he has some sort of PTSD meltdown after finding a walker, cigars and some RPGs. After an interesting back and forth between Sasha and Abraham, we realize that Sasha is no longer on a suicide mission in life and she’s now the target of Abraham’s affections. This is strange on multiple levels because Abraham is involved with Rostia and Sasha doesn’t seem to be reciprocating these feelings. No matter how this pans out, it’s nice to see Abraham happy again.

Daryl finds himself alone in the middle of a burned down forest and the visual of him waling though so much death is beautiful, but somber. It’s a lot of black on black on black, so it’s double wonderful when he takes off his jacket and points us to the gun show. After stumbling upon two women who assume they know who he is, they claim, “We earned what we took.” right before Daryl gets cold cocked by some random dude. Upon regaining consciousness, Daryl is a captive of these three people who seem to think he’s a member of the group that they just escaped from. A mysterious group with batshit crazy rules where people have to earn things and kneel. It’s important to note that only one of these three characters has a name and appears in the end credits of the episode: the one who dies. So, who are this man and woman who kidnapped Daryl?

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Well, all signs point to the man being a character from the books who also happens to be proficient with a crossbow which is why it makes sense when he steals Daryl’s stuff. If this man goes by the name of Dwight, then it also makes sense why he would be fleeing the group that he’s from. Yes, Dwight is referring to kneeling to Negan when he says that he doesn’t want to kneel anymore. Negan: the big, bad motherfucker that we’ve been hearing about for ages. Now that it’s been confirmed that Negan will, indeed, make his appearance in this season’s finale, it’s time for his boogeyman status to really be played up.


If only Daryl hadn’t gone back to give Tina her insulin, then maybe he would have made it back home to Alexandria sooner. So, why did Daryl go back? First and foremost, because he’s a good guy, but he might have also done it because he could see that these were reasonable folks and he was inspired to try to bring them back to Alexandria. After all, Daryl is one of the recruiters for Alexandria and he’s the one who told Rick that they needed to go find more people. After utilizing the 3 questions to get an understanding of who he’s dealing with, he invites them back only to be left in the woods without his motorcycle and crossbow. Sure, he finds a truck and he swings by to pick up Sasha and Abraham, but he’s officially been taken advantage of and that rarely ends well. Now that his first attempt at being kind has completely backfired on him, how will it affect his actions and attitude going forward? After all, he did let the couple know that they were definitely going to be sorry for crossing him and Daryl does have a knack for keeping his word. This also means that we will definitely be seeing this couple again in a future episode. Perhaps they will be with Wade? Wade, the guy who we only saw from the waist down who came to find these two people because they needed to return what they took. Wade, who didn’t give a second thought to chopping off dude’s arm and then tells him to walk it off. We may have only seen very little of this group of men, but it’s abundantly clear that they are not the kind of people to be trifled with. At this point, it’s pretty obvious that we’ve just been introduced to the newest threat and if what Mr. Reedus says is true, it looks as though they are going to come in full force. After all, at the end of the episode, there is a call for help over the walkie talkie and it was absolutely, positively not Glenn that said it. Is Alexandria already under another attack? Does it have anything to do with that suspiciously ominous blood that was on the wall last episode? Who knows, but there are only two episodes left before the mid season finale and it looks like they’re going to be rough.


That overhead shot of Daryl between the charred, helmet wearing walker and his bike was gorgeous.

I’m really getting sick of the blurred edges thing.

That Swamp Thing walker was pretty amazing.

“Cause loose ends make my ass itch.” Oh, Abraham.

What is Daryl going to do with that wood carving he took?

It’s worth noting that the girl is the one who gave the go ahead for dude to steal Daryl’s bike and crossbow.

No, it’s not Glenn on the walkie talkie. 

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