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At the end of the last episode Ash left his group behind and went missing – we know where he went and is going – the cabin. In the most entertaining pre-title sequence since episode one, Ash comes upon the cabin, readies himself for battle and announces ‘Honey, I’m home’. The episode kicks off from here, Pablo and Kelly go one way and Jill goes the other in their search for Ash, which as we all know is not a good idea around these parts. This episode probably more than any other do we get the full PTSD ‘Evil Dead’ experience and then some. A hell of a lot of flashback and quick edits, certainly solidifies something we already know – Ash doesn’t want to be here, a place full of bad memories. Jill finds Ash and together they enter the cabin, with a wistful yet funny Ash quip – ’I came to get laid and ended up cutting off my hand – fun weekend’. Ash has to go back to the work shed to get a crow bar because he needs to go into the cellar to bury the book and he warns Jill that there maybe the head of his ex-girlfriend – including a spot on description of what happened to his girlfriend in Evil Dead 2. Meanwhile Ash’s errant hand seems to be forming something…

Pablo and Kelly wander around like the kids from The Blair Witch Project until they come in contact with some good looking hikers who are more than likely Deadite vessels waiting to be filled, and get directions back to the cabin, Kelly reassures Pablo that they’ll be ok as she deadpans – They’ve got pepper spray. Meanwhile Ash has a reunion with Linda’s head in the work shed, Linda has certainly got far more explicit than last time round, as she teases and taunts Ash that everyone he brings he dies and he can’t save anyone.


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At the same time Jill is dealing with Ash…well the tumour Ash which has grown out of Ash’s severed hand. It’s a moment used before in the Evil Dead series however this time it is serious and is certainly playing for keeps. Tumour Ash flings Jill all around the cabin, with Jill giving some back and severing and then dicing Ash’s hand…it makes little difference though as Tumour Ash buries a cleaver in Jill and then runs her through a deer antler, much like her partner in episode one. Of course good Ash finds Jill and it is an emotional moment and person he likes has died, Ash Vs Evil Dead is not fucking about anymore. It is a harsh and brutal dispatching that I certainly didn’t think was going happen…well not this soon anyway. Pablo and Kelly turn up and Ash fights Ash as the show softens the Jill death with a good comedic fight between the two…

So we have all our main players, including Tumour Ash at the cabin but we have no Ruby Knowles…yet. It is all coming to a head and to be perfectly honest I’m not exactly sure of how things are going to finish up and that is the sign of good show.

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