Recap: TV – Outcast – (I Remember) When She Loved Me S1, E2

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After a fantastic pilot episode, I must admit to a bit of trepidation going into the second episode. What if they put all of their good eggs in one basket and episode two was going to be lackluster? Well, fear not fellow TV Babies because Outcast is still going strong. Unfortunately, Wingard is no longer directing, but he is an Executive Consultant.

Directed by Howard Deutch of Pretty In Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful fame AND multiple episodes of True Blood and American Horror Story, episode two is just as engaging as it’s predecessor. Opening with a sunny flashback to Kyle and his mom, we get to witness the very moment she became possessed. And it’s heartbreaking.

Just in case people thought everything was fine now that Joshua has been exorcised, there’s a grisly discovery in the woods. Six raccoons have been found gutted and nailed to trees. As the Chief of Police and Mark Holter trek through the woods looking for these dead animals, it is made perfectly clear that Mark doesn’t understand the true workings of this town, but he better hurry up and learn. According to Chief Giles, the Reverend Anderson, “Keeps the peace in this town in ways our badges and guns can’t.” Mark is having none of this, so Giles tells him to just try to keep up. It appears as though the long time residents of this town are very aware that demons plague them. Anyway, because a bunch of dead animals isn’t gruesome or suspicious enough, there’s also a dilapidated RV camped out in the woods that is filled with nail scratches and blood on the walls. Spooky. There also appears to be someone watching all of this action take place. Spookier.

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After visiting his mother at the nursing home, Kyle decides that he can take better care of her at home. To see various happy flashbacks intercut with the gloomy ones really drives home how happy Kyle and his mom were pre-demon and it gives us a better understanding of why he came home and is insistent on trying to fix things. He is also operating under the delusion that if he replicates what he did to Joshua, he will also be able to free his mother. While he does manage to convince the Reverend to help him with this, they are unsuccessful and, sadly, Kyle must return his mother to the care of the nursing home. He does come home to a bright spot, though. Maggie leaves a note telling him that Amber loved the present Kyle begged her to pass on and you can feel the joy radiating off of him. Too bad his wife has a pretty good idea who gave Amber the book.

We can’t be ending on a positive note, though. The mysterious stranger who we saw at the beginning of the episode sitting at the back of the church and, later, sitting outside of Kyle’s house has come to call on Kyle’s mom at the nursing home. After he tells her, “You had so much fire in you. Sad that your son will never know how much you fought back, how much you resisted and despite it all, we have him anyway,” a single tear falls from her eye. Wait. What? She’s aware of what is happening around her? What is going on?! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next week.

Another well paced, lovingly eerie episode of Outcast has made up for the amount of crap we’re being fed on television. Let’s hope they can keep this up next week.


There are A LOT of people at a 7 year old’s birthday party. I haven’t had that many friends in my entire life.

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