Recap: Outcast S1 E10 – This Little Light

@lcfremont reaps...You know what I love? A television season that is short and to the point. Outcast settled in at ten episodes and they never wasted a minute. Not every episode was full of action, but there was always a lot going on and it all culminated in a satisfying season finale.Directed by Loni Peristere,... Continue Reading →

Recap: Outcast – S1 E9 – Close to Home

@lcfremont recaps...Oy vey. The patented Robert Kirkman penultimate episode. If you’re a Walking Dead fan, then you know that more often than not, the second to last episode of a season can be wrought with a whole lot of nothing.This episode opens with the Ogdens leaving town which is mildly surprising because shouldn’t Kat be... Continue Reading →

TV Recap: Outcast S1 E7 – The Damage Done

@lcfremont recaps...Last week I complained that the episode was a little slow, but they have certainly made up for that this week.As Reverend Anderson cleans up after Sidney’s unexpected and decidedly unfriendly visit, he’s interrupted by the Chief reminding him that it’s time for the poker game. Having never missed a card game in fifteen... Continue Reading →

TV Recap: Outcast S1 E5 – The Road Before Us

@lcfremont recaps...After a week off, Outcast returns with it’s special brand of solemn, creepy dramatic wonderfulness. Last episode, Kyle left us with the question of whether or not his estranged wife might still be afflicted with a demon, much the same way good ol’ Mildred is. This compels him to sit outside of her house... Continue Reading →

Recap: Outcast – All Alone Now S1, E3

@Lcfremont recaps...After the mind blowing statement that capped off last week’s episode, what will we learn this week? Mostly, we will end up with even more questions and I’m cool with that because there are such potentially dark, complex answers at the bottom of these questions.As we open with some new faces, we get a... Continue Reading →

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