Recap: Outcast – S1 E8 – What Lurks Within

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And here we finally have it: the episode that gives us Sidney’s backstory. He may work in what some would consider a lowly job, but the guy seems to fancy himself a man with an eye for photography and an ear for jazz. In his impeccably kept house, he also happens to have a sound proofed room with a young boy chained up.

As Kyle watches the Chief arrest Sidney for his assault on Reverend Anderson, he looks like a man who truly has the weight of the world on his shoulders. He has his daughter back, but now his wife is missing and he’s pretty sure that he no longer agrees with the world views of the reverend. Patrick Fugit is absolutely killing it in this role. HIs big, sad eyes could easily just let him play this role as an overly melancholy guy, but he manages to always bring the many layers of what is going on inside his character’s heart and mind. It’s a great reminder of why he was a cinema darling when Almost Famous came out.

While visiting his mother, Kyle explains to Amber that what happened between her and her mom also happened between Kyle and his mom. Something got inside of her, but it wasn’t her. Amber then asks if mommy will end up like Kyle’s mom. “Maybe that will be o.k.” This will prove to be an exceptionally insightful statement.

The Chief’s understanding nature of the peculiar circumstances happening in his small town is why he lets Kyle have a meeting with Sidney at the jail. After provoking him, Kyle threatens to remove what resides in Sidney and he says, “You take this thing out of me and you will leave behind a monster.” Say what?! Sidney explains that everyone, whether sinner or saint, is susceptible to being possessed and that’s not always a bad thing. After being possessed, Sidney stopped his chid murdering ways. Explaining that the first few days of possession are rough, if you make peace with the new entity residing within you, it can be a strange blessing of sorts. This begs the question why all of this seems to happen to people Kyle knows and Sidney explains that Kyle, “Is a match, flickering through the trees in a dark forest. It gives us something to go towards.” I’m causing this? “We would have found our way eventually. You just made it easier.” To add insult to injury, Kyle is told that his mother’s vegetative state is absolutely his fault and if he had just left her alone, his mother would still be around. Wow. This is a lot of information to take in.

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To support this statement, we are treated to a conversation between the Chief and Ogden where we finally learn what has been going on with Ogden. The summer before last, his wife Kat was possessed and, ultimately, Ogden is just fine with this. He loves this woman and it’s a joy to see her experience things for the first time in life. We also learn that the serial killer cabin is actually a place where Ogden has been locking people up while they go through the change. This short conversation puts a whole new, very personal and emotional spin on what we all thought we knew about what’s going on in Rome. Ogden has known what’s going on all along and it’s not necessarily demons we’re dealing with. That would just be the religious angle that Reverend Anderson has put on it.

Speaking of…Reverend Anderson has officially gone off the rails and decided that he will just take care of all of these damn demons himself. Essentially, he kidnaps Mrs. Ogden and takes her to Kyle’s house. As he interrogates her, she begins to taunt his Christian beliefs only to have Kyle come home and be less than pleased to find this situation. Thankfully, the Chief and Ogden arrive in time to break up the fight and this just fuels the reverend’s anger over his perceived feelings that the entire town is against him and he’s the only one who truly see’s what is going on. Even his church has cast him out. The good reverend has been relieved of his duties and now his feelings of self righteousness are at epic levels. This is exactly what Sidney was hoping for and there is no way any good can come from it.

Megan and Mark are still grappling with how to move forward with the hell they have created for themselves because of jerkface Donnie Hamel. Mark sells his truck to get money for the family and to get his wife’s ring back. Mark has manned up, swallowed his pride and realized he will not let Donnie have power over him. I enjoy this very much.

Aaron is creeping around Sidney’s stuff and happens to see the reverend force Kat into Kyle’s house. Rather than, I don’t know, call the Chief and report it, he decides to lallygag down to the station and claim that he saw the reverend carve the pentagram on himself and Sidney should be released. He then waits for Sidney to return home and tells him that he wants Reverend Anderson out of his life. Well, this does not look like a good alliance. Also, it was fascinating to see the bad side of Sidney try to rise up. It looks as though possession may not be entirely terrible. 

Kyle finally starts to be honest with his sister about what happened between him and his wife. He explains that he has been protecting Allison this whole time and now that she is beginning to remember things, he’s worried that she won’t be able to live with herself. This entire encounter was just heartbreaking. Kyle just tries to protect everyone that he loves, but he cannot do it all on his own.

With only two episodes left, we have a lot to take in and deal with. Why are the possessed attracted to Kyle, especially if they would have found their way without him? So, it’s Rome that is bringing all of them together for the merge? And what is this merge and how many townspeople are patiently waiting for it? Why are some people ok after being exorcised while others, namely Kyle’s mom, are left in a vegetative state? So many questions and only two episodes left. I wonder how many will be answered by season’s end.


“Any shit you say and do can be used against you in a court of law.” I love the Chief.

No one is questioning the fact that Sidney just started living in Norville’s house?

Reverend Anderson is always pointing the bull horns.

I really appreciated them showing that not all home baked cakes come out looking like Martha Stewart made them.

Who is this kid Debussy? That prayer was awfully full of double meanings.

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