Film Review: (Short) That Night

That Night Poster

That Night…

Directors: Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson
Writers: Jennifer Nangle, Garrett Lee
Stars: Jennifer Nangle, Amanda Cano, Raymond Williams, Garrett Lee


That Night is nihilistic, depressing and it’s also very good.

When Rachel (Nangle) and Josh (Lee) make their way to an engagement party, it is pretty clear that everything is not going well for this couple. Rachel doesn’t want to go to the party whilst Josh just wants to blow off some steam, maybe just to allivate the heavy pall that currently sits over their relationship.

That Night Image

After they arrive, the party happens around them with Rachel quickly starts drowning her sorrows and striking up a conversation with Scott (Williams), as they get a little bit too close after a few drinks, Josh suggests they leave. After having to go back inside the house to retrieve a jumper, things change when Scott and his partner Erika (Amanda Cano) decide that Rachel and Josh should stay.

For a 26 minute film, it’s ability to crush your soul bit by bit is impressive. It builds an oppressive atmosphere which isn’t easy to do within a short run time. This is due to a bunch of elements coming together.

That Night Image

First off – the acting is really good, it is natural and not cinematic (that is meant as a complement) at all. Lee and Nangle do the troubled couple aspect justice and when Nangle is on screen by herself she holds your attention. Williams and Cano get to go dark with their characters and without any contrived lines or being over dramatic they are just plain frightening.

Secondly, the writing is great. Nangle who also wrote this, has crafted some very uncomfortable scenes and I am not talking about any scenes with violence but the stilted, awkward and hard conversations between Rachel and Josh, it is painfully real at times.

This is a nasty little film and all involved should be very happy with the results.

This film will be released on Jan. 31, 2019 at 10am PST (USA) on Facebook at: (Just in time for Women in Horror Month!)

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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