Review: Rock, Paper and Scissors (Brooklyn Horror Film Festival) [-FILM-]

Rock, Paper and Scissors Image

Rock, Paper and Scissors…

Directors: Martín Blousson, Macarena García Lenzi
Writers: Macarena García Lenzi, Martín Blousson
Stars: Agustina Cerviño, Valeria Giorcelli, Pablo Sigal


At the 2019 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, directors Macarena García Lenzi and Martín Blousson’s film Rock, Paper and Scissors will have it’s East Coast Premiere. Based on Lenzi’s stage play of the same name, this micro budget indie film is a master class in black comedy and a razor sharp look at the politics of siblings. Few things bring out the ugliness in people the way a looming payout from an inheritance can and Jesús, Maria José and Magdalena are all about to engage in mental and emotional warfare.

rock, paper and scissors image

Jesús and Maria José have been living in their childhood home, taking care of their now deceased father. The entire film takes place in this old, unkept house and Jesús and Maria José seem to be unkept themselves, especially mentally. Maria José has a truly unhealthy obsession with the film The Wizard of Oz and Jesús encourages this by making his own film which stars Maria José as Dorothy in a nightmarish, guinea pig saturated landscape. When their half sister Magdalena shows up to claim her share of an inheritance, which no longer exists due to the cost of care their father required in his last days, this only exacerbates the already unsteady environment in this sad, old house.

rock, paper and scissors image

Magdalena left the family years ago to move to Spain and be an actress while Maria José stayed and cared for their ailing father and Jesús stayed locked in the proverbial closet. With acting and filmmaking ambitions of their own, a mysterious fall down the stairs and a once successful actress bedridden and at their mercy, Rock, Paper and Scissors is a great ode to Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. In such a small space, all of the acting has to be on point and it absolutely is. Augustina Cerviño as Magadalena, in particular, expertly conveys so many emotions while spending the bulk of the film in bed while Valeria Giorcelli balances crazy with a naive and, mostly, well meaning disposition and Pablo Sigal will keep you guessing until the end who’s team he is really on. Lenzi and Blousson’s first time feature film is a wonderfully smart, witty and tiny tinderbox of sibling rivalry.

Played at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

Lisa Fremont
Images: BHFF

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