Lilith Trailer

LILITH is a horror anthology, which follows the Demon Lilith, who punishes men for their indiscretions against women. A figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud between the 3rd and 5th centuries, Lilith is a dangerous demon of the night seeking her revenge. As she follows 4 men who have sinned against women, a detective is trying to stop her before she executes each victim and claims their souls.

Irrational Fear To Premiere At Days Of The Dead

Irrational Fear...Check out the trailer, some images and premiere details for the new film Irrational Fear.From the Press ReleaseDays of the Dead - Charlotte, NC has just booked Slasher Studios & feature film collaboration IRRATIONAL FEAR for it’s world premiere! IRRATIONAL FEAR will be opening the film festival portion of the convention with a 5pm... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: 2 Jennifer

@TigersMS78 reviews...Director: Hunter JohnsonStars: Hunter Johnson, David Coupe, Lara Jean MummertReview2 Jennifer the follow up to To Jennifer, is a meta experience in the same way that The Human Centipede 2 was a sequel to the first film. In the sequel the first film is established to be just that - a film, whilst the sequel... Continue Reading →

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