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@lcfremont has a chat with the wrench throwing truck driver from Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Ed Guinn!
Ed Guinn, was kind enough to answer some questions for Lisa. Ed can be seen in Shawn Ewert’s upcoming film Sacrament, premiering June 7, 2014 at The Texas Theatre in Dallas, Texas.

Your role in Texas Chainsaw Massacre is small, but iconic. How did you end up as everyone’s favorite cattle truck driver?

Well let’s see. When I was a small child in the wilds of western Canada there was this old over-the-road trucker, we kids called him leather butt cause he was able they claimed to…Oh you mean how did my end (it being neither small nor particular iconic) turn up in the truck in the movie? Well, I and my brother in-law owned a truck. Bob Burns, may he rest in peace, knew that and as has been said, a small but iconic opportunity was hatched. Show up at the truck stop, hook up to this rental cattle trailer and come be a star. A small, but iconic star that is.

I always wondered where he ran off to…any ideas?

I tend to think, with the murderous sun and psycho’s in abundance, he should have been running to the nearest air conditioned police station, but alas, I suspect the poor old, sore footed fellow was done
in by some neighborhood halfwit. The type that married his own grandmaw as the song goes. That part of the county was always suspect.

I love that you had a very similar cameo in Butcher Boys. Did Kim Henkel do this intentionally?

I am willing to bet, Kim being a clever fellow, he did.

You’re also a composer. How did you get into that?

Well, before I was a movie icon and a truck driver I was a failed rock star. So it was a natural progression for me stepping down from the, more than, relative obscurity of rock star to the world of the introspective shut-in that comprises the bulk of most composers lives. It was a natural fit.

It looks as though you and Marilyn Burns have stayed good friends since Texas Chainsaw Massacre; is there something the two of you would love to do together, but haven’t yet?

I don’t know about Marilyn, but I’d like to do a big hit of some legal pot. For a change. Some from one of the dispensaries in Colorado where you just walk in, flop the coin on the counter and go out to your car and light up. Very un-Texan don’t you agree? On a serious note, I would like to continue the film relationship that Marilyn and I established in Sacrament (the movie, not the Eucharist). Our loving and welcoming personalities on display in the movie deserve wider exploitation. They should stand as the model for a welcoming, Christian man and wife team who are willing to give succour to their community and who know only the grace of the almighty provides salvation and…………

How did you meet Shawn Ewert?

Never heard of him. Shaun Whoert. Oh, you mean the auteur Mr. Shawn. At TexasFrightmare.

Can you tell us anything about your role in Sacrament?

See question 5.

Do you have any other projects that you are currently working on?

You mean besides sophomoric nattering’s. No, not really, but once the move comes out I have instructed my agents to refuse all work unless the scripts center around myself and Scarlett Johansson as brother and stepsister (hint hint stepsister get it?) fighting to save the world from hordes of uncaring dental hygienists bent on polluting our precious bodily fluids with fluoride and other questionable products, like vaccines. Nude scenes are, of course, required for all female leads. Goes without saying right?

Were you surprised by Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s success and subsequent staying power?

Ahhhh Yes and Yes. Truthfully, it was just a truck driving job for me. I got paid what I would have made if I had been driving the truck all day. Having spent a significant amount of time in “show business” by then I was not interested in the birds in the bush, i.e. royalties etc. I collected my check. That day I think, and didn’t give it another thought until, while shooting Butcher Boys, the talented Duane Graves and his partner said I should check out some horror conventions, I could be a contender. And as they say, the rest is history.


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