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@Lcfremont recaps episode 2 of The Walking Dead…

Only the second episode of the season and I feel compelled to remind everyone that The Walking Dead is a drama. A dramatic series. That means that you will not get a “No Sanctuary” every week; you will always have to endure what many people call “boring” episodes. I prefer the term “engaging”, but that’s the lovely thing about opinions; we all have the right to our own.

It was nice to see our survivors reconnect and reestablish their bond. More than that, it was exceptionally lovely to see everyone fall back in line with the Ricktatorship. I don’t know what Abraham has planned, but everyone made it very clear to him that they will be following Rick’s lead. Also a natural leader, Abraham made quite the scene in the church and preached his way into getting Rick on his side. Or shall I say, Judith agreed with Abraham and Rick goes where Judith goes. (Am I the only one who’s ovaries are exploding over seeing Rick with Judith?) Well played Abraham, well played.

Tara came clean with Maggie, Tyrese made his feelings clear to Carol about the two girls who are still looking at the flowers, Carl got his 758730589609905464nd speech from Rick about being smart and staying safe, Daryl and Carol fell right back into their amazing relationship and we were reminded that a badass looking car with a cross decal stole Beth last season. Who cares? Well, Daryl does, so, if Daryl cares then so do we. Although not particularly concerned about Beth, her wellbeing or her whereabouts, I am definitely intrigued by that car speeding around the and kidnapping blondes.

Sidenote: was anyone surprised that Carol instinctually tried to bail on the group? I wasn’t.

O.K., let’s talk about Pastor Gabriel. Dude has been alone in the church for 17 months, has no injuries and is still afraid of zombies as though they haven’t been around this whole time? Suspect.

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Is he transcribing the bibles in a John Doe/Se7en type of compulsion or does he hope to rewrite religious history? Or is he writing in a vain effort to not allow himself to think of all of the sins that he has committed? Something sinister lurks within Gabriel and I cannot wait to find out what it is.

Really pleased that Gareth made an appearance. We all knew he wasn’t going to go down easy, so it was nice to have him brought back so quickly. (Is he wearing Tom Cruises’s jacket from War of the Worlds?) It’s also nice that his evilness is just out there for everyone to see. None of that Governor malarky where we had to wait weeks to see just how awful he was. Gareth is an interesting villain; he looks so pleasant and innocuous and then he eats part of your leg in front of you. Shades of Hannibal for sure.

It seemed clear to me that when Bob requested one more kiss from Sasha, he was kissing her goodbye. Something was weighing heavy on his heart as he walked outside and watched everyone inside the church to get some emotional privacy. Bam! He wakes up missing part of one of his legs and enduring the gospel of Gareth. Having not read the comics, I’m going out on a huge limb here and wondering if Bob knew that something was wrong with him (bitten?) and if there will be any consequences of the Terminus group ingesting him. With cannibals officially thrown into the mix, it is now a legitimate question:what happens if you eat tainted meat? Or, is it possible that being in that amazingly vile basement full of Walker Stew could infect a less healthy person? If you’ll remember, back at the prison, they really alluded heavily to the possibility of the virus being in the water. Either way, that scene was vile and stupendous. Those walker faces were melting and you could practically smell the putridness.

So, what do you think? What was up with Bob? Where is Beth? Will Carol actually leave the group? What did Daryl do with those 5 squirrels? WHY DIDN’T TYREESE KILL THE BABY KILLER?! Why reintroduce Morgan if he isn’t in the episode at all? Who put those symbols onto the trees and what do they mean?


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