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@lcfremont recaps TWD and talks about eating dog meat and caveman Rick…

Sasha clearly suffers from the same inability to successfully deal with her emotions that Tyreese did and decides that using photos from the house as target practice is a good way to start the day. I’m assuming the four people in the photo are the four people who were sent outside of the walls. Will we ever learn why they were evicted from Pleasantville? More importantly, can we talk about how people in this town still carry around cell phones and have the audacity to ask Sasha to bring back a boar leg so they can make some prosciutto? Olivia misses making pickles, opening a coffee shop everyday and actually has chocolate in the freezer. I’m right there with Sasha in wanting to go crazy from all of the perceived problems these people have. I mean, let’s not even talk about Mrs. Niedermeyer wanting a pasta maker. Also, where are all of the walkers that should be descending on her during her target practice? She needed to let go of some anger and no one responded to her battle cry. Suspect.
the walking dead imageAs Carol, Rick and Daryl meet up in the woods to talk strategy, it becomes abundantly clear just how paranoid Carol is and how full of himself Rick is. Always the outsider, Daryl is observing both of these reactions with caution. He’s also quick enough to see the mysterious W that has been carved onto the walker’s forehead. At least, right now I’m assuming it’s a W for the wolves that we have yet to encounter, but what if it’s an M for Morgan? Morgan seems to have a street named after him in Alexandria. What if Morgan isn’t following our group, but was just ensuring that they found their way to Alexandria? Deanna is a very smart woman who has been very warm and welcoming, but she definitely isn’t telling Rick everything. Rick keeps talking about how now the real threat is people and it seems as though he’s talking about himself. Perhaps Deanna realizes all of this? Why else does she insist on putting on this dog and pony show of a welcoming party when our survivors are still in wild animal mode?

Speaking an ugly truth about the plight of most middle aged women, Carol is reveling in her newly found invisibility and chooses to look at it as a positive rather than a negative. Casing the joint and looking for weaknesses, she is absolutely against the notion of becoming a victim again. Even if that means threatening a little boy. Hey, that kid had it coming. Who does he think he is following her around and then asking her to make more cookies? Besides, she gave him a really great secondary option. Carol, you can make lots and lots of cookies for me anytime.

Aaron and his seemingly strange behavior is finally explained when we realize he’s been following Daryl in an effort to both gain his trust and invite him to be the other recruiter. Their bonding moment over Buttons was tragic on so many levels. Aaron was visibly heartbroken when the walkers took Buttons down, but he was also very perplexed as to why Buttons didn’t run. The horse who always ran from walkers allowed them to take him down after he realized that Daryl and Aaron were going to try to domesticate him. I could be reaching here, but this all felt like some kind of foreshadowing for Daryl. Daryl still hasn’t taken a shower, he’s still behaving like a caveman and he seems to be doing everything possible to avoid captivity. Hopefully, the bonding moment he had with the other two “outsiders” of Alexandria will help extend his life span.

Speaking of cavemen, Rick has obviously been out in the wild for far too long. Our southern gentleman has, apparently, turned into the guy who kisses another man’s wife and even goes for his gun when he sees the woman he covets with someone other than him. Rick’s reflex to grab his concealed gun at the sight of Jesse and Pete felt very neanderthal. He may as well have just clubbed Tim and dragged Jesse back to the house by her hair. Wait. That might be kind of hot.

Jesse’s speech about how they have all lost something was incredibly annoying, but it really drove home the point that these people have absolutely no idea what our group has been through. While Carl is killing his own mother, Sasha is burying her brother, Carol is killing tiny people and they’re all eating wild dog meat, the fine people of Alexandria are having cocktail parties and enjoying their solar powered spacious homes.

With only three episodes left in the season, there is clearly A LOT being set up and none of it is looking good. TV Babies, please tell me what you think the future holds for our group.


Why were Aaron and Eric the recruiters in the first place? I find it highly suspicious that the town sent out the two people that were “unlike” the others rather than the super tough, young guys who think they’re as tough as Charles Bronson.

Did Michonne doing that cute sewing job on her windbreaker or did they just happen to have a windbreaker that fits into her style?

What does being “one of us” really mean?

What kind of sweet nothings was Rick whispering into the walker’s ear on the other side of the wall? Looks like someone is having a hard time adjusting to normalcy.

How ominous was that shot of Carol, Daryl and Rick going in three very separate directions after returning from the woods? What does it mean?!

Loved the Bee Gee’s song at the end with the closing shot of Rick dreaming of freedom and violence on the other side of that wall. Despite sounding very upbeat, the lyrics are anything but.

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