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addams family dancing

@TigersMS78 doesn’t dance and after watching this can you blame him?…

Dance is often under used to express horror and shock (normally the horror is in watching drunk uncle Wally at a wedding reception trying his best to emulate Justin Timberlake – horrific enough I know)  or alternatively it can be used to creep us the hell out. Here we assemble some of the best examples of just how creepy dance can be in films, so grab a partner and let’s go…

Texas Chainsaw Ballet

Coming in at the end of an already relentless nightmare the ballet sequence is creepy for two reasons.
1. Leatherface is weilding a chainsaw, prancing around because… why? Well we don’t know, maybe Leatherface cannot express the pain and anger he is feeling at seeing his dinner escape?
2. How the hell does he know ballet moves. It doesn’t seem like his father would really be taking him to ballet lessons when he was young, nor do they have a TV, so its just mega creepy he knows these moves…the more you think about it – the creepier it gets.

Calvaire (The Ordeal) Bar Dance

Fair to say the townspeople in Calvaire aren’t your usual village folk. As evidenced in the inpromptu and freaky dance scene.

Silence of The Lambs (Wild Horses)

Buffalo Bill certainly had his issues but putting a great little dance number was not one of them. Sure he was holding a girl hostage in a well, so he could farm her skin but details people, details.

So there you go – you truly creepy and memorable dance scenes in horror films. Can you think of any other? Hit us on twitter or in the comments section!

Ryan Morrissey-Smith

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