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Here it is: the episode we’ve been waiting for with bated breath. The episode where we learn the true fate of Glenn. Nah, just kidding. If you’ve been with the show this long, then you know that we probably won’t learn about Glenn for at least another episode. Maybe even more. With the exception of the Morgan centric episode, history dictates that “Now” will focus on addressing Alexandria and the aftermath of the Wolves’ run of terror. Opening with Rick running ahead of a horde of walkers, this seemed like the promise of another action filled episode, but, ultimately, this was more of an information gathering episode full of tete-a-tete’s that left me with a few questions.

True to form, Rick tries to rally everyone after his plan to reroute the walkers did not go off successfully. With Alexandria surrounded by walkers, 20 deep, he knows that everyone is scared, but “The wall’s gonna hold together. Can you?” Promising that the others will return because they all know what they’re doing, he insists that making Alexandria as quiet as a graveyard could, potentially, make the walkers move on. Comparing Alexandria to a graveyard seems awfully prophetic.

Keeping this season’s theme of humility going, Aaron steps up and squashes any potential push back on Rick by admitting that he’s the reason the Wolves came to Alexandria. Once again, a resident of Alexandria has openly admitted that their choices are foolish while the choices that Rick’s group makes are usually smart. Sure, half of the walkers are outside of that wall, but only half and the mission failed because of the Wolves. If that damn horn hadn’t gone off, everything would have been fine. For better or worse, it always comes back around to Alexandrites being silly and the Ricktatorship being right.

Spencer, the son you totally forgot Deanna even had, manages to calm the masses at the food pantry only to steal some alcohol so he can get wasted. Meanwhile, Deanna pulls her bootstraps up, get’s some inspiration from her husband and starts looking at the plans for Alexandria where she writes,”Dolor hic tibi proderit olim” which comes from the longer phrase, “Perfer et obdura, dolor hic tibi proderit olim”, meaning, “Be patient and tough. Someday this pain will be useful to you.” Make what you will of that because I’m sure it will come back around before the season ends.

Aaron decides that he’s going to help Maggie on her mission to leave and search for Glenn. Conveniently, he knows about the sewer system that can get them out of Alexandria without going through the gate or over the wall. Maggie tells Aaron that she’s doing this because, “If he’s alive, he needs my help and if he’s dead, I don’t want to be waiting on him.” Spoken like a true badass who then makes swift work of disposing of those über disgusting sewer walkers. Upon seeing the walkers outside of the sewer, Maggie spills the beans and tells Aaron that she’s pregnant. She burned her picture of Glenn because she said that they would never be apart and, in a way, he’s still with her now that she’s pregnant. Glenn wanted her to stay in Alexandria and, ultimately, that was the right decision. Maggie can believe that had she been with him, she could have saved him, but she’ll never really know and at least her and the baby are currently safe. Also, let’s not count Glenn out quite yet, huh? Maggie isn’t and that’s why she removed his name from the wall.

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Tara proves to be exactly what Denise needed to find some courage and put some of her medical knowledge to use. Tara is then rewarded with a sweet and lovely kiss.

Betsey, wife of David who was torn to pieces, commits suicide and it’s Jessie who discovers her as a walker. After killing her, Jessie explains that this is what life looks like now and they have to fight it because if they don’t fight, they die. Looks like someone has been drinking the Ricktatorship Kool-Aid. I’ve been in the Ricktatorship since it’s inception and I have a question: Where’s my kiss, Rick?
Deanna takes her pent up aggression out on a walker in the form of stabbing him repeatedly with a broken bottle. As usual, Rick comes to her rescue and she tells him that she wants to live, but she’s not the leader they need anymore. Rick is. Deanna has given her leadership over to Rick and this is a plot point in the books as well. The amount of plot lines seeping from the books into the show begs the question:WHERE THE HELL IS NEGAN? There are rumors currently swirling that Garrett Dillahunt will make his appearance as Negan before the season ends. Dillahunt excels at playing villains and this TV Baby is praying to Xenu that these rumors are true. Still, we have to wonder if Negan will be recreating one of his iconic kill scenes from the books. For argument’s sake, let’s say that Glenn really is dead. Then, who gets the Lucille to the head? Daryl? It would make sense. Daryl doesn’t exist in the books, so who better to take on this death if Glenn can’t?

The biggest question brought up in this episode, though, occurs within the last few moments as Deanna walks by some fresh blood on the wall. Who’s blood is it, where did it come from and WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! There are only three episodes left in 2015 and it just wouldn’t be the style of The Walking Dead to not leave us with an emotional cliffhanger. What questions  did this episode bring up for you? Tell me on Twitter.

**Since writing my recap, the news broke that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will playing the role of Negan. Morgan excels at playing tough and sweet in equal measure and I’m excited to finally see what this character is about. How do you feel about the casting of Negan?


Michonne, once again, mentioned that Glenn would give us a signal. Let’s hope we’ll see that in a future episode.

I don’t know. That wall with the names of fallen heroes is a bit too on the nose.

The fight between Carl and Ron was pathetic and embarrassing, but Ron wants to learn how to fight, so that’s good.

Am I the only one who got Fulci Zombie vibes from the sewer walkers?

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