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After weeks of speculation, jokes and memes, we finally learn the truth about Glenn. Yes, he is slender enough to fit underneath a dumpster. This is now the second time that Glenn has had to watch someone be eaten right in front of his face, but this is the first time that none of us really cared about the person being eaten. While Rick is making out with Jessie and Daryl is being kidnapped, Glenn is spending the night under a dumpster. Interestingly, walkers run out of patience and, eventually, Glenn is able to shimmy his way out from underneath just in time for Enid to throw a bottle of water at him and be an all around bitch. Seriously, why did she help him out if she was just going to be an out and out asshole teenager?

Despite not answering him half the time and putting a gun in his face, Glenn insists on taking Enid back to Alexandria with him because it’s what Maggie would have done. I think we can all agree that we would have left Enid behind, but we can’t all be as noble as Glenn. After all of the painful back and forth between these two, it was worth it to see those green balloons and Maggie’s reaction.

In case you missed it the first thousand times, Rick keeps telling everyone that the walls surrounding Alexandria will hold up. In fact, he believes the walls will hold up better and longer than the people living inside of them even though they keep giving us ominous shots of bleeding bullet holes in the wall and glimpses of the burned down tower falling apart. The Walking Dead has never been accused of subtlety, but between the wall and Ron, we’re officially at DEFCON OLLY* of foreshadowing.
I think we can all agree that Father Gabriel is beyond annoying, but that moment of Rick tearing down his prayer flyers was, like, totes mean girl behavior and I didn’t care for it. Why doesn’t he hold the same ire for Morgan? Father Gabriel and Morgan are kind of interchangeable at this point. Now that Gabriel has seen the ways of the Ricktatorship, Morgan is the token peaceful guy who is putting his own ideals above the survival of everyone else. In a scene reminiscent of the “What are we going to do with Carol?” meeting back in season 3, Rick, Carol and Michonne have a meeting to discuss the fact that the Wolves who attacked Rick in the RV were able to do that because Morgan let them go. While everyone is willing to hear Morgan’s point, Michonne is correct when she tells him that he may have to let go of this new philosophy on life. If he doesn’t, perhaps Rick or Michonne will do it for him. Or Carol when she see’s who Morgan is taking care of. Carol sets people on fire and shoots children:she will not tolerate a Wolf in Alexandria.
Rick is still operating on the idea that only his group can really take care of things and while Michonne and Tara don’t agree with this sentiment, he’s yet to be proven wrong. Yeah, it was mean of Rick to scold Tara for rescuing Spencer, but the people of Alexandria are always causing more harm than good. Always. Or are they? It was brought up that life in Alexandria was peaceful until Rick showed up. Does Rick bring chaos wherever he goes? Discuss.

In other foreshadowing news, Eugene is still terrified of life and Rosita has some stern words for him. I hope all of those Alexandrites were listening to her pep talk because they’re about to learn what it means to be brave.

Basically, while Rick was showing Ron how to use a gun he was instructing him how to, potentially, kill him and Carl. Ron has made no attempts to hide his hatred of Rick and Carl and his ploy of wanting to learn how to fight is simply a means to learn how to kill off the guy who stole his girlfriend and the guy who killed his dad. While I cannot abide by Ron’s anger towards Rick, I welcome Ron to shoot Carl after what a little dickhead he was being during the gun tutorial. I do have one bit of advice for you young gentlemen: be careful, or someone might shoot their eye out.
With the mid season finale approaching, it’s obvious that a popular moment from the books will probably be making an appearance and all of this damn foreshadowing will come to a head. Ron is angry and he has a loaded gun, the wall has come down and there is definitely going to be some carnage. The time has come for the people of Alexandria to decide who’s side they’re on and what kind of person they want to be; a victim or a survivor. Do you think everyone will make it to the end of the next episode alive? Tell me on Twitter.


*DEFCON OLLY: When a show practically hits you over the head with foreshadowing (i.e.) Olly and Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.

Enid was at a Franklin (TCM) level of annoyance. Am I right?

Anyone else find it amusing when Carol raged, “They burned people alive!”

Am I the only one who had Grey’s Anatomy flashbacks when Michonne said, “Really?!” twice in a row?

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