Recap: Outcast – All Alone Now S1, E3

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After the mind blowing statement that capped off last week’s episode, what will we learn this week? Mostly, we will end up with even more questions and I’m cool with that because there are such potentially dark, complex answers at the bottom of these questions.

As we open with some new faces, we get a unique POV from the demon inhabiting someone. And here’s a question:how does the demon decide who to possess? Is it only one demon or are there multiple demons and why did they choose random dude at the bowling alley? Was it because the demon felt like being in the soul of a sassy, smart ass guy? I don’t know, but I do know that J.R. Bourne (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) absolutely killed the scene where he walks in to see that his partner of seven years has gone caveman on his wife.

As Reverend Anderson and Kyle travel to visit the now possessed Blake (an outstanding Lee Tergesen), the reverend explains that, “Jesus likes the buddy system!” This bit of foreshadowing will prove to be a bit of a problem later on, but it was a fun proclamation. Luke (Bourne) has requested these two to visit Blake in an unsanctioned meeting room in the dark, far reaches of the prison in an effort to cast out whatever is living in Blake. Luke has heard that Kyle has powers and he’s the one who saved young Joshua. Refusing to believe that his friend of seven years would do something so heinous, Luke is betting on an exorcism.

Unfortunately, things do not go as planned. After Blake taunts Reverend Anderson, Kyle takes a stab at it and something interesting happens. Kyle asks Blake if he knows him and then lays his hands on him. The demon has a most unpleasant reaction and then says, “You. You’re Outcast.”  Kyle demands to know why he said this and the demon proceeds to do that thing demons do where they pick apart your shortcomings as a human and make you angry. Kyle wants to know how to stop it and the demon asks why he would want to stop it. Kyle is pissed now and he tells the reverend that just because he was willing to throw his family away for a crusade, Kyle isn’t willing to do the same. And this begs the question:why did Reverend Anderson lose his family over the decision to perform exorcisms? Looking forward to learning more about this. Especially after the reverend was so desperate to find the photo of his son that flew out of the car window.

image from Outcast episode 3

Meanwhile, Officer Holter has decided to go out to that creepy RV in the woods and process the scene. Curiously, the Chief is not super excited about this and we have to wonder why. Especially after fingernails and lots of suspicious fibers are found. There is clearly some serious serial killer shit happening out here and the Chief is less than interested in it. But why? What does he already know?

As Mark is investigating the camper, his wife Megan is doing her own detective work. She happens to see a familiar man at a hotel and later she goes back and finagles her way into his room. This is when it becomes abundantly clear that this man, Donnie Hammel, has done her wrong in the past. One can only assume that this storyline will have something to do with what Kyle has done for her in the past and why she’s loyal to him despite what he’s accused of doing to his daughter.

Let’s not forget the mysterious Sydney. (Or Data if you’re a Trekkie) He’s still skulking around town in his black hat and now he’s gone and murdered Kyle’s neighbor. But why?

So many delicious questions. With some shows, more questions equals more frustration, but not here. Three episodes in and Outcast is consistently delivering quality writing, and expertly expanding the mysteries at a measured pace. With Penny Dreadful coming to a close, Preacher not quite living up to expectations and no Hannibal in sight, Outcast is a very welcome addition to my TV viewing schedule.


What’s the deal with the reverend and that photo of his son?

“Do you know me?“ is the new, “Say my name.”

Blake tells Kyle his family will never be free of them. But why? Why Kyle?

LOVE seeing anyone from Friday Night Lights. Welcome aboard Scott Porter.

Lisa Fremont

Twitter: @lcfremont

Images: Cinemax & IMDb

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