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As My Roanoke Nightmare: Three Days in Hell comes to a close, it appears that this may be the most divisive season yet. What started out as a documentary type show morphed into a found footage show and it appears that most viewers embraced one or the other, but not always both. This episode they felt compelled to insert a new character who can explain everything, just in case you weren’t entirely sure what has been going on.

Welcome back Murder House alum Taissa Farmiga as Sophie. She is part of a group who run a blog focusing on all things Roanoke Nightmare. As they look for the house, she explains that, “On the surface, it’s an interracial story set in a post racial world, which of course, is a lie. They’re really talking about the colonization of America. The Butcher and the Roanoke colony which became a matriarchy in a patriarchy system. That’s why it’s so timely. It’s a battle we’re fighting today.” Milo says that he just thought it was scary. “Yeah Milo, racism is scary. Patriarchy is scary.” What I gathered from this scene was, 1.) Murphy voted for Clinton and 2.) They’re not entirely sure the viewers understood the lessons they were trying to teach us. AHS is always heavy handed with the social commentary, but to have a character explicitly outline it for us was exasperating.

Sophie, Milo and Todd are quickly brought into the Roanoke craziness when Sidney’s former assistant lures them to the sight of her car crash. Later at the police station, this Army of Roanoke explains what they were doing in the woods. Todd admits that he never believed any of the Roanoke stuff, but then he saw the car accident. The police say that they are constantly having to investigate claims just like these, but never find anything. The police in this town are clearly top notch because it isn’t until the end of the interview that they realize Todd is filming the whole thing.

Dylan, the actor who portrayed Ambrose, was told to show up as the Pig Man. Having been sequestered in a motel for three days, he has no idea what has been going on at the house, but Sidney requested him to be at the house, in Pig Man make up, at a certain time and he was going to adhere to that. Cut to the shot of Dylan getting a ride from everyone’s favorite Uber driver, Rhett Snow. Rhett Snow in a salmon colored members only type jacket driving the Pig Man may have been one of the funniest moments in all of AHS history.

Dylan, a former military badass, takes Lee and Audrey to the Polk place in an effort to find Monet and it’s nice to see Mr. Bentley in such a take charge role. Especially after that Ambrose nonsense. Audrey finds Monet while Lee finds the videocamera and Dylan gets the truck started only to be stabbed by one of the Polk boys. In fact, Dylan really should have just stayed at the motel.

Audrey and Monet make it back to the house and see the footage of Lee confessing to Mason’s death. While this is occurring, Lee meets up with the witch who feeds her a pig heart and she immediately starts killing people and speaking like the Butcher.

Sophie, Todd and Milo go back out into the woods so they can gather more followers on Twitter and Instagram. In the process, they encounter Lee who abruptly kills Todd. Then, they find the production trailer where they push poor Dylan down and they also see, via the monitors, that Lee is approaching the house and that probably means Audrey and Monet are in danger. Sophie decides that they need to go take Lee down. Because that’s a super great idea. First, they get to witness Dylan’s evisceration and so do we in a POV moment that was shocking. We then see the POV of Sophie and Todd being impaled and set on fire. The only good thing that comes from this is the fact that people are seeing it on the internet and this brings the cops in. Question: if this footage is from Todd’s iCloud account, how did people on the internet see it in real time? Did I just ask an incredibly stupid question? I don’t know, but Lee and Audrey are still alive when the police show up. We know there can only be one survivor and it’s going to be Lee. After pulling a gun on Lee, Audrey is gunned down by the cops and Lee is now free to escape Roanoke once again after having committed murder.

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Alexis O’Korycinski did a bang up job of directing this episode with some really cool and clever camera angles. As a longtime horror fan, I was taken aback by the amount of gore shown in this episode. This was Cannibal Holocaust level carnage and it was shown on cable television. My heart goes out to anyone with a weak stomach who thought they were tuning into a spooky television show. Between this and the season premiere of The Walking Dead, the average viewer has been expected to get tough really fast when it comes to the amount of gore they can tolerate. While I love gore and a fun, over the top horror film, the second half of the season has felt too over the top. The documentary portion of the show was new and fun, but for me, this found footage portion became exhausting and I know that you’re either with me or against me on this. I suppose that’s the charm of AHS, though. Each season is unique and each season speaks to all different kinds of horror fans in different ways. With only one episode left, it’s going to be interesting how they wrap this up. Especially since the finale seems to be an installment of the Lana Winter’s show. Yes, Ms. Winters from Asylum is a Diane Sawyer of sorts and she’s going to sit down with Lee. This should be fun.

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Why does everyone want to blow up the internet?

This episode was chock full of meta moments.

Why is Audrey always yelling?

Who is Lee talking to at the top of the stairs?

Being a passenger in Rhett Snow’s car seems to lead directly to evisceration.

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