Recap: AHS Apocalypse, Apocalypse Then – E10

AHS Apocalypse Recap...“Purple is for royalty, dear. Not middle management.” If Myrtle hadn’t had such a presence in this season, would it have even been tolerable? Rumor has it, Frances Conroy was only supposed to be in a few scenes this season, but she pulled a Jesse Pinkman and expanded the longevity of her character... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Apocalypse, Sojourn – Ep 8

@lcfremont recaps...In honor of the eighth episode, titled Sojourn, I am going to put as much effort into this recap as they did into cutting the wigs for Evan Peters and Billy Eichner. Minimal.In a season with only ten episodes, it is beyond concerning that they spent an entire episode in a flashback road trip... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Apocalypse, Boy Wonder – Ep 5

@lcfremont recaps...Episode five has been touted as the one that would change everything this season. In Roanoke, when they said everything would change, they really, truly meant it, but in Apocalypse, what we get with episode five is a very long flashback. After a short, but strangely glamorous, moment of being eaten alive while a... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Apocalypse, Could it be…Satan – Ep 4

@lcfremont recaps...Patience is a virtue and the AHS fanbase was finally blessed with a very Coven heavy episode. Since the season began everyone has been screaming for their witches and they have arrived in glorious fashion. And warlocks too!After the revelation last episode that Ms. Meade was modeled after someone very special to Michael, this... Continue Reading →

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