Interview with Brandon Bassham

Slashening 2 poster

@lcfremont & @dinsmorality interview…

Annum Films likes to cross boundaries and make you laugh while doing it. Fear Town USA, The Slashening and now The Slashening 2: The Final Beginning are all stellar entries in the horror parody genre. Writer/director Brandon Bassham puts his heart and soul into these films and he promises to deliver the bloodiest, dirtiest horror/comedy EVER MADE with The Slashening 2. He simply needs some help with crowdfunding.

Independent cinema is real labour of love and sometimes we all need to come together to support filmmakers who are doing new and unique things. So, after you watch Bassham’s first two films via Troma Now you can then watch the first 12 minutes of The Slashening 2: The Final Beginning and, perhaps, donate to their GoFundMe campaign.

Eric Dinsmore and I had the pleasure of speaking with Brandon and we talked about all things horror comedy and the ups and downs of independent cinema. I hope you enjoy listening to our fun conversation.

If you enjoy the music you hear on the intro and exit of the interview, please visit the Vague Choir website to learn more about them.

Image: IMDb

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