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Patience is a virtue and the AHS fanbase was finally blessed with a very Coven heavy episode. Since the season began everyone has been screaming for their witches and they have arrived in glorious fashion. And warlocks too!

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After the revelation last episode that Ms. Meade was modeled after someone very special to Michael, this episode we get to meet her. She’s a satan worshipping Boss Bitch with a fierce sense of humor. After telling Michael that she killed her first three husbands she tells him, “If something isn’t working, it’s best to just cut the cord and make sure the insurance policy is up to date.” After an amusing encounter with a butcher, Michael finds himself in jail, but Ms. Meade is outside of the jailhouse when he leaves telling him that she is a true believer and she yells, “Hail the new world!” Frankly, this strange maternal need of hers to coddle a child that she believes is a direct contact to Satan feels very Hereditary. And if she is the only person who never betrayed Michael, what on earth did Constance do to him? After all, at the end of Murder House, Michael Langdon was in the care of Constance, but now he only has respect and loyalty to Ms. Meade. The new Ms. Mead says, “Hail Satan,” to Michael, but he responds, “Not quite, but I appreciate the sentiment.” So, despite the episode being titled Could it be…Satan? I’m assuming the answer is no.

As Cordelia, Myrtle and Madison explain to Mallory and Coco that they have been under identity spells, Dinah enters the room to inform the ladies that she has no desire to participate in the inevitable battle between witches and warlocks. We know from last episode that Dinah and Michael know each other pre-Outpost 3 and when Madison tells Dinah, “Who cares. As if you could defeat anyone with that backwards voodoo shit,” I’m starting to wonder exactly who Dinah is.

This episode finally gives us some backstory on Michael Langdon and it begins three years before the bomb. The boys academy is thriving and, let’s be real, looking very much like an offshoot of Hogwarts. Any place with Cheyenne Jackson and BD Wong is fine by me, though! John Henry Moore (Jackson) is one of the lead warlocks, but he is the only one who does not see a powerful warlock in Michael Langdon; he sees demonic possession. And I’m with him. In the interrogation video of Michael Langdon, he pins the detective to the ceiling, breaks all of his appendages and then makes his head explode. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Supernatural, this definitely looks like a case for the Winchester brothers. But the rest of the warlock council only sees someone who can usurp The Supreme.

Ariel (Jon Jon Briones; another Murphy alum from ACS:Versace) is like a kid on Christmas morning with the notion that Michael Langdon is The Alpha. Basically, they think that Michael may be more powerful than even Fiona Goode and these men are tired of being considered lesser than simply because of their gender. It is a known fact that testosterone is a natural inhibitor; it impedes access to the ethereal realm, therefore, a man has never approached the level of Supreme. Men are simply not equal to women and these men have had it. They had to, quite literally, go underground after Cordelia made the witch and warlock community public and they’re tired of being judged solely on their gender. That must really suck. To constantly be judged and automatically assumed as lesser than simply because of the type of hormones coursing through your body. To be suppressed by the other gender for generation after generation simply because it has always been assumed that you are weaker. Geez men, what does that feel like???? Before I start feeling sorry for you, I have to ask why it is that Michael only had to prove his powers in three challenges to prove his superiority. Three? The witches have to perform seven. And they aren’t about to allow Michael to participate in the hallowed Seven Wonders because Cordelia believes it would be an automatic death sentence. And here is where we get even more Coven witches. But wait. How is Myrtle sitting at this table with the warlocks? Myrtle was burned at the stake twice. TWICE. Let us never forget Balenciaga.

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Behold Chablis (Billy Porter of the Murphy show Pose) accuses Cordelia of not saving Queenie simply because of her skin color, which is asinine, but it gives Cordelia a reason to show us all why Queenie is still playing gin with James March at the Hotel Cortez. Because even a Supreme cannot harness her powers in a place as evil as the Hotel Cortez; it’s a hell mouth. Meanwhile in his room, Michael seems to be possessed (by an evil power, perhaps?) and drawing the facade of the Hotel Cortez. He then goes there and easily removes Queenie from the premises. His presence shocks even James March which means that dude is straight up evil. Michael then manages to enter Madison’s personal hell and bring her out as well. Michael does neither of these things out of kindness, but to prove a point. To prove that he is just as, if not more, powerful as The Supreme. Ariel starts accusing Cordelia of being a bigot and being terrified of the era of female power coming to an end and she simply tells him that his time is up. I don’t know about you, but my head kind of hurts from being bludgeoned with that timely reference.

Anyhoo, Cordelia faints upon the sight of Michael, Queenie and Madison approaching the warlock school and our first official Coven crossover is complete. And because we can never just be happy with what we have right now in the moment, I will remind you that the title of episode six is Return To Murder House. So, next week it appears we will get more story on Michael and also see Cordelia’s vision of the apocalypse. So many things happened in this episode and, as usual, this just creates even more questions. How is Myrtle alive, but Madison and Misty Day are still in hell? Who the hell is inside of Mallory? Is it someone we know or will we just have to accept Mallory as a new addition to the Coven who seems to be set up as the one who will, ultimately, challenge Michael. And what about Coco? We have yet to see her show up in a Coven flashback. Where is Queenie now? Could she possibly be in Dinah? Why is it alway so damn exciting to see BD Wong show up and why isn’t he in every single thing ever?


It’s nit picky, but the CGI was pretty lame.

I loved that they threw shade at Neil Patrick Harris doing card tricks at The Magic Castle. Nice Freakshow reference.

Michael’s first task is to find a book; ”The New Adam and Eve by Hawthorn.’ WE GET IT. BIBLICAL REFERENCES Here is the google summary: The new Adam and Eve who are born into the world’s artificial system can never adequately know how little in our present state and circumstances is natural, and how much is merely the interpolation of the perverted mind and heart of man.

Madison’s hell is customer service. All of us who have worked it know this to be true.

After Michael creates the snow, he is startled out of his trancelike state and apologizes because he didn’t ‘know that was inside of him.

Seeing Michael pre-warlock school was nice. He looked every inch the son of Tate Langdon.

Lisa Fremont | Twitter: @lcfremont
Images: FX

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