Recap: AHS Apocalypse, Sojourn – Ep 8

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In honor of the eighth episode, titled Sojourn, I am going to put as much effort into this recap as they did into cutting the wigs for Evan Peters and Billy Eichner. Minimal.

In a season with only ten episodes, it is beyond concerning that they spent an entire episode in a flashback road trip to coocoomagoo-cocaine-crazy town. Not only did they shit on the very Halloween episode tradition that they created, but they then fed it to us in the form of an episode that seemed to serve only to be outrageously offensive to any and all religions. They did, however, answer the question as to why Ms. Mead could only return as a robot. Careful what you wish for, I suppose.

Cordelia has hidden Ms. Mead’s soul with a spell so Michael can’t find her and resurrect her. Michael tells her he will kill all of the witches in repayment. Can’t say that I blame him; they burn his allies and hide his most treasured connection, then expect him to just do a reverse Darth Vader and turn to the good side? That’s not how it works.

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Michael then spends four days in the woods, waiting for his dad to return his call (He never does. Rude.) only to be met with some confusing hallucinations and a poor man’s Black Phillip that he makes quick work of. He then wanders some alleys and very conveniently finds a Church of Satan that is in session. He makes friends with a nice, older woman who discovers that he is the Antichrist, parades him around the church and then drops him off at the Silicon Valley version of Wyatt and Gary from Weird Science. They make him the robot Ms. Mead and they are the reason she thinks she has a military history. We also learn that Ms. Venable and her propensity towards purple has been around wielding very limited, patriarchy hating power for a while now.

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After episode six, the Church of Satan made it very clear that they do not appreciate the way in which AHS is portraying their religion. Well, episode eight read that article and said, “Hold my beer.” The camp factor was off the charts in Sojourn, but that doesn’t seem to explain away the viciousness with which they attacked Satanism and, in a backhanded way, Christianity. With no affiliation to either of these religions, I still find it in poor taste to drag another person’s faith. It’s beyond uncouth and everything about Hannah’s (Sandra Bernhard) church is the most blatant, ridiculous stereotypes of Satanism. It’s like reliving the Satanic Panic of the 80’s, but with no Judas Priest or Slayer. Lame.

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Yes, I fully understand that AHS is entertainment, but this is just beyond lazy and every time the Satanists talked about how they’ve been waiting their whole lives for Michael and how they can’t wait to serve him in any way possible and burn in the fires of hell, they were also making fun of anyone who believes the opposite with serving God and living eternity in heaven. It’s poor taste, not entertaining and, worst of all, had almost nothing to do with moving the story along. Michael’s sojourn to pick up a robot was truly a waste of our time and we only have two episodes left. It’s becoming very hard to believe that all of this can be brought together and tied up with any kind of coherence or satisfaction.


-Now we know why they have to listen to that crap music in the Outpost. Light rock is Jeff’s cocaine.

-Mutt and Jeff? Really? That’s as bad as Bubbles McGee.

-Venable wearing purple foreshadows the caste system she implements in The Outpost.

-People in power have sold their soul to satan and, apparently, Ryan Reynolds is thrown in as a gift.

Here again is the The Church of Satan’s response to episode 6 of Apocalypse

If you prefer a podcast, Stuff You Should Know does a very comprehensive, non biased history and explanation of the religion: How Satanism Works

Lisa Fremont | Twitter: @lcfremont
Images: FX

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