Opinion: Stranger Things

@dinsmorality shares his thoughts...Retro, nostalgic, even rad; all apt keywords that could easily describe Netflix’s new show and 80’s horror-themed throwback Stranger Things. With only 8 episodes, Stranger Things’ creators - the Duffer Brothers, whose credits include the respectable indie horror flick Hidden - attempt to mash up beloved tropes from recognizable 80s flicks such... Continue Reading →

Halloween and the weight of expectation

@TigersMS78 talks about the new Halloween...Halloween has left an indelible mark on horror, no doubt. It is somewhat of an obvious statement that it’s influence is felt in just about every single slasher film made after its release, from Inside to the most recent Hush, it is an in escapable fact that the film is pretty... Continue Reading →

5 Must See K-Horror Films

@RenZelen gives us her must see K-Horror Films...@RenZelen continues her look at Korean Horror with this 5 Must See list.Yeogo Goedam/ Whispering Corridors (1998)Directed by Ki-hyung Park‘Whispering Corridors’ should be placed in the genre of films encompassing the horrors of school, along with ‘Suspiria’ and ‘Carrie’ (1976). School corridors are rife with rear and loathing,... Continue Reading →

7 Must See J-Horror Films

@RenZelen lists her must see J Horror...Continuing on from her Dark Cinema: Horror from Japan and Korea article, @RenZelen lists her must sees from Japan...Ringu (1998)Directed by Hideo Nakata‘Ringu’ is based on a novel by Koji Suzuki, who is known as the ‘Japanese Stephen King’ and for any western viewer is the starting point for any... Continue Reading →

Dark Cinema: Horror from Japan and Korea

@RenZelen takes a look...‘No body’ does it betterWhen a new era of Asian horror films entered mainstream Western cinema with Hideo Nakata’s ‘Ringu (The Ring), Asian horror movies were soon perceived to be chasing Hollywood’s more hackneyed horror efforts into the shadows. Nakata’s frightening and heart-breaking ‘Dark Water’ (2002) and Chan-wook Park’s violent, socially resonant... Continue Reading →

The best episodes of Millennium

@lcfremont lists her favorite episodes...Around 1995, the X-Files had taken over television and pop culture which meant only one thing for creator Chris Carter: spin off show. Debuting in 1996, Millennium starred Lance Henriksen as a former FBI agent who now works as a freelance forensic psychologist. Blessed/cursed with the ability to see into the... Continue Reading →

Six of the best Tales From The Crypt Episodes

@lcfremont lists her favorite six...June 10,1989 ushered in what could very well pinpoint my love of horror television. On this date, a new show premiered and it was so much more than The Addams Family, The Munsters or even Alfred Hitchcock Presents, which are all important facets of my personal horror history, but this was... Continue Reading →

The Veil and the Blumhouse future

@dinsmorality ponders what's next...Blumhouse Productions, named for its head producer, Jason Blum, is known for franchise hits Paranormal Activity, Sinister, The Purge, and Insidious, including recent standalone hits such as Unfriended, The Gift, and The Visit. Since 2009, the studio has produced 45 films and grossed 2.24 billion dollars at the domestic box office. This is a huge return on... Continue Reading →

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