The Hunger

Katie Young revisits a very different David Bowie performance...It’s not every day you get to see a film about an ancient Egyptian vampire whilst surrounded by genuine artefact's from the tombs of pharaohs. So when the Petrie Museum announced they were screening The Hunger, as part of their LGBT programme, this Anne Rice addict jumped... Continue Reading →

Haddonfield Horror’s Best (and worst) of 2015

Best & Worst...Below you'll find a collection of this years favourites, let us know your best for 2015 in the comments section below or on twitter!BestGoodnight MommyVisually stunning, eerily quiet and standout performances make for a uniquely thoughtful look at how very complex human emotions can be and how they can affect those around us.... Continue Reading →

Our Halloween Favourites

Halloween Film Favourites...Everyone has their favourite films to watch at this time of the year and our group at is no different. Below are just some of our favourite films watch during the Halloween season. Let us know what is your favourite!Lisa Fremont - @lcfremont - VampyrFor me, it isn’t really Halloween until I’ve watched Vampyr.... Continue Reading →

In Dreams: Remembering Wes Craven

@Ventspleen2014 pays tribute..."1,2 Freddy's coming for you" With the sad news that Wes Craven has passed away, David Martin pays tribute to a horror maestro that never forgot his fans...Wes Craven was one of a kind and we will never ever see his like again. No one in the horror community would argue with this... Continue Reading →

My 4 favourite hillbilly horror films

Top 4 list... Ah the hillbilly, the redneck, the backwoods mutants, the bigoted townsfolk - they all have a special place in the horror world. On this 43rd anniversary of Deliverance what better time is there to bust out this list. There will be literally hundreds of films that didn't make the cut but when you're making a top 4... Continue Reading →

RIP: The Following

@HellingsOnFilm bids adieu and eulogises The Following...Goodbye The Following. After three seasons, the network has done to you what Joe Carroll could never find it in his heart to do to Ryan Hardy: killed you dead.Sure, it was a plot that was probably only good for one season at best. Sure Season 2 lost that plot... Continue Reading →

How Can You Watch That Stuff?

@lcfremont lets us in on what shaped her horror leanings...This is a question that I am often asked; apparently, it's somewhat strange for an adult woman to enjoy horror. It's a long held misconception that men are the primary horror movie audience. In actuality, it's usually women driving the ticket sales. Some believe that males... Continue Reading →

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