Recap: Outcast S1 E10 – This Little Light

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You know what I love? A television season that is short and to the point. Outcast settled in at ten episodes and they never wasted a minute. Not every episode was full of action, but there was always a lot going on and it all culminated in a satisfying season finale.

Directed by Loni Peristere, our season finale was full of beautiful lighting and some intriguing camera angles. This should come as no surprise to anyone who also watches American Horror Story. Mr. Peristere directed some of the best episodes of Hotel. In fact, he directed the one episode that I found to be the most beautiful of the season. He puts his unique vision to work straight away in this episode of Outcast with the haunting, yet beautiful atmosphere of Megan being newly inhabited by a demon.

As Kyle arrives to his sister’s house, it looks as though the worst has happened, but happily, that is not the case. Not for him anyway. Poor Amber has been through this twice now and Holly is in a state of shock after seeing her father dead on the bathroom floor. These poor children. 

As Kyle shifts into a state of panic over finding Megan before anyone else does, Megan, or rather the demon inside of her, is casually wandering around and being overstimulated by everything that our world has to offer. Wrenn Schmidt owned this episode:it was a delight to see her convincingly play an entity experiencing a new reality and then she promptly broke our hearts when she learned of Mark’s death.

At this point in the story, it seems obvious for Kyle and the reverend to go to the Chief for help. So, color me a little taken aback when the Chief is not immediately on board with Kyle finding Megan so he can get that black oil out of her. Thankfully, he acquiesces and our boys head out. While searching for her, Kyle wonders if getting the demon out while it’s still new is how the host can be left unaffected by the exorcism. Reverend Anderson wants to blame the devil and people’s personal inability to resist evil, Kyle is more pragmatic and thinks it all boils down to the amount of time the demon has spent in it’s host. This theory seems to make the most sense and it’s certainly more optimistic.

Aaron is still skulking around and being a gold star asshole. Sidney seems to be just as irritated with him as I am, but he’s smart enough to utilize him as necessary. While I was really hoping that the human side of Sidney would come out and kill Aaron, he instead dispatches him to kidnap Amber. I don’t have to wait long, though, because the reverend believes he’s trapping Sidney in a house fire only to find out later that it was Aaron in that trailer. Obviously, I feel awful for Patricia, but I am not going to miss Aaron.

Kat is really leaning into her role of taking care of the newly possessed, but she’s no match for Kyle and the reverend. These two men might disagree with what this evil is and how it should be dealt with, but the good reverend makes an excellent point when he says, “If this battle is to be won, it can’t be won alone.” Preach it, reverend!

Kyle is promised answers if he goes with Sidney, but he finds himself locked in a room with Amber. Though the door, Sidney says, “My kind, we find our way into your world everyday. We can’t stay where we’re from, so we come here.” Kyle asks, “Where are you?” “Same place you are. That’s why we’ve been around you your whole life,” Sidney explains. Say what?! Rather than expanding on this tidbit of information, Sidney simply informs Kyle that he can wait until they need him. For what? What do they need him for? Guess we’ll have to wait until next season to find out because Kyle and the reverend are about to take this place down. 

In the ensuing fight to exorcise the demons, a question I’d had for a while is finally answered. Yup, little Amber is blessed/cursed with the same power as her father. As the two head out for a road trip, hoping for a reprieve from all that has been going on it becomes clear that they are not going to be getting a break any time soon. The last shot of Kyle and Amber surrounded by random people staring them down was so very bleak and heartbreaking.

While some questions were answered, a slew of new ones were brought up and I found this very satisfying. This is how you do a season finale. Tie up some loose ends while setting up new storylines for the next season.


What percentage of viewers freaked out when Megan touched Mark’s eyeball?

Apparently new demons don’t know how to operate door handles.

Was it Megan speaking when she demanded that they, “Get this on fucking video!” when she was being arrested?

Rosie is awfully nonchalant about knowing that her BFF is possessed.

My dad also likes a car with a three body trunk.

Megan seemed to have an inordinate amount of the black oil in her; is it because she’s pregnant?

Lisa Fremont

Twitter: @lcfremont

Images: IMDb & http://www.tvbuzer

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