Haddonfield Horror’s Best Of 2020

Whilst the best of 2020 seems like a really low bar and despite the complete and utter real life garbage that this year has continually given us, there were still bright spots in the horror genre and in truth it has been one of the better overall years for quality and consistency. So check out our best of 2020 and leave a comment if we missed your favourite!

Ryan’s Best of 2020

  1. The Dark And The Wicked

Bryan Bertino throws us into a dark, depressing family situation and then proceeds to scare the shit out of us. Easily the best film this year and one of my favourites of the past five years. Review here.

2. Anything For Jackson

A reverse exorcism, you say? Justin G. Dyck directs this really well written and acted rumination on what grief leads people to do. Satanic rituals, a great haunted house and a ballsy ending made this so entertaining and fresh. Review here.

3. Possessor

Brandon Cronenberg’s second film, is about as a gory a sci-fi thriller can get. Ask plenty of moral questions, without trying to answer them and the concept is great. Tech and Body horrors run in the family. Review HERE.

4. The Invisible Man

Leigh Whannell proves his directing chops (again) with a great take on The Invisible Man. Using domestic abuse as the base of the story, he then piles on the tension and then hits us with the most physical, graphic example of gaslighting ever filmed. Elizabeth Moss turns in another great performance and the film is excellent on every level.

5. The Curse Of Audrey Earnshaw

A quiet film that slow pours on the creepy tension till it’s overflowing. A coming-of-age tale that like most teenage girls, is just flat out merciless. Review HERE.

6. Host

60 minutes. Found footage, barely any filler and just a full on terrifying, clever and really fun film. Using the pandemic and the emerging technology everyone was forced into using as the backdrop, this was perfect fodder for 2020 but also seance’s are dangerous online or in person.

7. Fried Barry

One of the wildest films of this year. Barry gets abducted by aliens and then his body is used as an avatar to take a walk around Earth and in particular the seedy South African nightlife. An entertaining and bonkers film! Review HERE

8. Blood Quantum

The endless stream of zombie films continues unabated but Blood Quantum stands out from the throng. Like all good zombie films it gets political and is a blistering take down of how Native people have been treated by settlers. Review HERE.

Lisa Fremont’s Best of 2020

  1. For the Sake of Vicious – Review HERE
  2. A Good Woman is Hard to Find* was on my 2019 list, but it is now widely available. – Review HERE
  3. Swallow – Review HERE
  4. AV-The Hunt – Review HERE
  5. Hunter Hunter – Come for the shocking final minutes but stay for the entire film – it’s wonderfully done.

I think my favorite thing about this list is the fact that all of these movies feature a strong female protagonist. The future is female, indeed.

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