Recap: AHS Hotel – Be Our Guest

@lcfremont recaps...After what’s been a pretty stellar season, we have finally reached the AHS Hotel season finale. After the death of Donovan, the banishment of Miss Evers, the completion of the Ten Commandments killings and the Countess becoming a permanent guest at the hotel, what more could there possibly be? Liz Taylor and Iris, of... Continue Reading →

Recap – AHS: Hotel – Battle Royale

@lcfremont recaps...After a truly wonderful cliff hanger for the holiday season, AHS is back. In case you need a light refresher, Liz and Iris went gangster and barged into the Countess’s room, guns blazing. These two divas have had it with living under the oppressive and emotionally selfish regime of the Countess and they ain’t... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Hotel – She Gets Revenge S5 E10

@lcfremont recaps...In an episode titled, “She Gets Revenge”, the mind reels at who, precisely, will be getting revenge and, in true AHS fashion, it will be multiple people. As Liz Taylor speaks about how we’re attracted to shiny, new things, it’s precisely those things that fade so quickly, but love, real love, doesn’t fade. To... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Hotel – Flicker

@lcfremont recaps...Inspired by Dior and Lagerfeld, Will Drake is remodeling the Cortez in an effort to have a place for him to be constantly inspired. This leads to the discovery of a hallway that has been sealed for decades and it holds some serious secrets. Flashback to Hollywood 1925 and the Countess, Elizabeth Johnson, is... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Hotel – Room Service

@lcfremont recaps...THE FOLLOWING IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM RYAN MURPHY:Parents, please vaccinate your children. Failure to provide your child with the proper vaccines may result in one or more of the following;1. Measles.2. Death from measles or another virus.3. Death due to an ancient virus courtesy of your child’s doctor.4. You may find yourself... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Hotel – Devil’s Night

@lcfremont recaps...AHS super fans know that the Halloween episode is never one to miss and the Hotel Halloween episode promised to be quite the dinner party. As Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker if you’re nasty, checks in with Liz Taylor, the tone is set for a night of murderous debauchery. Choosing to employ is usual... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Hotel – Mommy

@lcfremont recaps...Let’s all just admit that we would do the exact same thing that Tristan did. We would all go back to room 64 and coax Mr. March out to be our new BFF. Appealing to his ego, Tristan tells March that he’s the greatest serial killer who ever lived and Tristan is then rewarded... Continue Reading →

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