Recap: AHS Roanoke – Chapter 8 – S6, E8

@lcfremont recaps...Chapter eight finds us smack dab in the middle of the three episode arc of My Roanoke Nightmare: Three Days in Hell. Initially, I was having fun with the new direction that this season was taking, but Chapter 7 felt so haphazard that I was feeling less enamored. Unfortunately, Chapter 8 did nothing to... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Roanoke Chapter 7, S6, E07

@lcfremont recaps...Last week was the big reveal that they had been teasing since finally revealing the overall theme of the season. So, really, the theme of AHS season six is teasing people. Now that we know we are going to be watching the found footage of people who died after returning to Roanoke, we think... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Roanoke Chapter 6, S6, E6

@lcfremont recaps...As tends to be the habit of AHS, episode 6 is usually a game changer and this was the biggest one yet.My Roanoke Nightmare was the television success story of 2015. With minimal promotion, the show garnered 23 million viewers by it’s finale, topping that week’s airing of Sunday night football, Empire and The... Continue Reading →

TV Recap: Outcast S1 E7 – The Damage Done

@lcfremont recaps...Last week I complained that the episode was a little slow, but they have certainly made up for that this week.As Reverend Anderson cleans up after Sidney’s unexpected and decidedly unfriendly visit, he’s interrupted by the Chief reminding him that it’s time for the poker game. Having never missed a card game in fifteen... Continue Reading →

Recap: Outcast – All Alone Now S1, E3

@Lcfremont recaps...After the mind blowing statement that capped off last week’s episode, what will we learn this week? Mostly, we will end up with even more questions and I’m cool with that because there are such potentially dark, complex answers at the bottom of these questions.As we open with some new faces, we get a... Continue Reading →

Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead S1 E10

@TigersMS78 recaps...After setting the wheels in motion in the final few minutes of the previous episode, we find our gang in deep Necronomicon shit. Ruby has let the cat of the bag now, that she wrote the book - 'All of it?' quips Ash - and that she wants to be the big Kahuna of... Continue Reading →

Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead S1 E09

@TigersMS78 recaps...The penultimate episode for Ash Vs Evil Dead was arguably the funniest episode of the season and set us up for a cracking finale. We get right into the action with the Ash Vs Ash brawl, with Pablo and Kelly having to decide with Ash to kill, which is hilariously decided by which Ash is more... Continue Reading →

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